Elissa Ball

Look Back Before You Move Forward

Mercury retrograde makes revisitation a wise move before the new year.

Party’s Over. Capricorn’s Home!

The zodiac makes an abrupt shift this week, meaning it’s time to get down to business.

Communication Breakdown

Mercury retrograde is upon us, meaning muddled messages and revisitation.

Make Room for the New

Cleaning out and moving on during the week of December 7.

New Month, New Moon

Brave beginnings and painful evolutions for the week of November 30.

A Powderkeg of a Holiday

This Thanksgiving is going to be rough, but don’t hold back.

A Time for Healing and Doing

With Scorpio out of the picture, it’s time to get to work.

Interdependence Day

At the tail end of Scorpio, a little advice for those on the brink.

We’re All Alright!

The planets and stars can’t tell you who’s going to win the election, but they can help you navigate the fallout.

If the Cubs Can Do It …

A magical new moon in Scorpio means that now is the time to shed past disappointments. Are you listening, Mariners?

Sign of the Stinger

Here comes death, sex, and more bad news for Donald Trump.

Sign of the Stinger

Here comes death, sex, and more bad news for Donald Trump.

That’s a Spicy Supermoon

Our new astrology column begins with a big, irritating, potentially life-changing shift in the skies above.

Bewildered by Trump’s Rise, One Seattle Punk Is Getting Out the Vote by Rallying the Scene

At the ‘Punk the Vote’ series, see tons of bands and register to vote for our next shred of state.

For Its Hardly Art Debut, The Julie Ruin Takes Care of Itself

Kathleen Hanna returns with an exhilarating album and a band fully on board.