Know Your Nodes

A rare lunar node shift switches things up while.

There’s nothing subtle or casual about the week ahead. It will be a high-octane thrill ride that kicks off Wednesday with both a rare Lunar Node shift and a truth-revealing Scorpio full moon. Pace yourself, drink water, and get as much rest as you can. We’re zipping ahead and our one-on-one encounters may have sharp, jagged edges this week. Expect touchy conversations and big decisions with lasting consequences. Due to some huffing and puffing from minor planet Eris—named after the Greek goddess of discord and rivalry—our interactions with others could be punctuated by themes of envy, bitterness, or fear of being excluded. Mercury and Mars are frantically slam-dancing with Eris too, creating an increased risk of angry, ugly words, and triangle scenarios. You might feel like a pinball ricocheting between two (or more) fighting folks. People are sifting through their own insecurities and pain now. If anyone provokes you to join their tangle, remember you don’t have to accept the invitation. It’s a fine week to set firm boundaries. Harsh clashes should evaporate by the weekend.


Though the week includes touchy confrontations and also a mood-souring Mars-and-Neptune angle on Thursday, things aren’t all squabbles and stress. The full moon in Scorpio will surely prompt emotional climaxes and moments of “Oh, I get it now!” clarity. Any suppressed or denied feelings will emerge IN ALL CAPS. Yet Wednesday’s potent full moon also offers opportunities for sudden but lasting transformations. Scorpio—a water sign associated with truth and rebirth—wants you to shed metaphorical dead skin so you can grow fresh, new cells. Relationships and commitments that truly support you will evolve and strengthen; those that no longer nourish you will wilt. That’s OK. Commit more deeply to some things, peel away from others.


The North and South Lunar Nodes are invisible markers that direct the path of the moon’s orbit and also influence where we pour our attention and energy. On Wednesday, the North Node will move into Leo and the South Node will shift into Aquarius, remaining in this position until late 2018. (The last time Earth had Leo/Aquarius Lunar Nodes was 1998–2000.) You’ll be able to feel the shift almost viscerally (especially if you’re a Leo or Aquarius) and may even witness a quick twist to your own path or priorities.

Since November 2015 the Lunar Nodes have been situated at Virgo (North Node) and Pisces (South Node). In that position, we had chances to practice Virgo themes of service, health, and hard work. We toiled and organized behind the scenes. The North Node’s sign impacts what positive qualities we want to increase, while the South Node’s sign determines which not-so-great traits we’ll work on ditching. With the North Node shifting into passionate Leo, we’re now ready to step into the public spotlight and let our creative voice reverberate like a bell. It’s time to get loud and let our brave hearts lead the way. While the South Node was in Pisces, we addressed and released that sign’s shadow qualities, such as self-delusions, co-dependency, and even substance abuse. We learned how to walk away from people and things that weren’t right for us or caused us undue suffering. And it hurt. But we’re done! With the South Node now in Aquarius, we’ll learn how to open up more, drop our guard, and cultivate true intimacy instead of hiding behind a distant, detached attitude.


Wednesday the 10th is a turning-point day when the Lunar Nodes shift course and a full moon in Scorpio illuminates truths so we can know what actions to take. Remember: Everyone will be extra sensitive and quick to react. Thursday the 11th is not easy. Tension between Mars and Neptune could stir up issues of dishonesty, fear, or deception. If you feel anxious or pessimistic, just know these emotions will pass. However, both Thursday and Friday the 12th do encourage enthusiasm about future plans and adjustments to long-term goals. Update your vision and move ahead! Saturday the 13th lets you find the right words and connect with others positively. Sunday the 14th looks smooth until the evening, when a disagreement or big expense could derail your good mood. You might feel as if you’re under pressure the afternoon of Monday the 15th, but by this evening planet Mercury will leave revved-up, insistent Aries and enter Taurus, softening our communication and thoughts. Tuesday the 16th presents a bit of confusion, but also a beneficial opportunity. n