Polaroid Picture

Mercury and Uranus reveal details and surprises.

Did you use last week’s Virgo new Moon to deep-clean your bathroom and beat rugs out on your balcony? I like to clean my altar on a new Moon. As I wipe off each object, I think about why I selected the thing and what purpose it serves. When I’m done, my whole altar feels recharged and powerful. You may feel recharged this week too, as that new Moon’s energy is still strong. Perhaps last week you culled some wormy pears (made big decisions). Well, this week is for figuring out, “Well, now what?”

Luckily Virgo deals in details, and Mercury (now in Virgo) is a main character in this week’s story. Expect a flood of information and conversations via email, phone, and even gossip networks. The 14th through 16th are especially packed with words and thoughts that may feel uncomfortable. With Venus in Scorpio, Mercury in Virgo, and Mars back in Aquarius, no one is in the mood to sugarcoat now. People are direct and sometimes snarky—especially online! Because Uranus co-stars in this week’s astro action, the sky is raining down surprising revelations as well as raw data. The biggest Uranian shocks occur on the 12th, 14th, and 18th. Though Mercury will clarify many questions, the planet opposes Neptune on the 13th, which means details are blurry that day.


We’re at a weird point in time when Mars is direct, yet remains in post-retrograde shadow—and Venus is in pre-retrograde shadow. As a result, our relationships feel changeable. We’re still feeling stuff out as new facts roll in. We’re watching a Polaroid picture in the process of developing. This week Mars also retraces area it covered in mid-May, so issues from that time may resurface too. Plus, Mars is still out of bounds until the 25th, making our reactions (but also willpower) stronger than usual. Try to apply that extra Mars oomph to your daily tasks and responsibilities. The Sun is in the final stretch of Virgo, a sign that cares about daily schedules, health, self-mastery, and even small pets! Focus on small, gradual accomplishments. Fair warning: Next week’s full Moon in Aries (on the 24th) will be rather rough. Complete as much as you can now and have patience with the still-developing picture.


On Wednesday the 12th, the previous day’s trine between the Sun and Pluto is still palpable and pushing you to transform parts of your identity (just hold off on making external changes, as Venus is in retrograde shadow). It’s an excellent day for new beginnings in business. When it comes to relationships, though, Venus opposing Uranus could bring shocking developments or behavior. Then again, you might experience a positive love surprise. (Venus and Uranus will repeat this dance on Halloween.) On Thursday the 13th, misunderstanding poses a problem, because Mercury opposes foggy, fantastical Neptune. Avoid signing contracts and don’t overdraw your bank account. You may feel distracted and scattered. If someone’s words push your buttons, wait a couple of days before responding. Chiron might stir up hurt feelings, yet a Scorpio Moon supports productivity and sensuality until tomorrow evening. On Friday the 14th, Mercury and Uranus unleash stress, but also motivate you to take action. The Moon is void until 5:45 p.m., so concentration may be tough. Try to relax and imagine instead. On Saturday the 15th, Mercury and Pluto form a trine that could lead to an important discovery—but not without strong emotions. If you’re overwhelmed, escape on a mini-adventure or plan a future trip while the Moon is in Sagittarius. You may link up with people who can assist you with long-term career goals. On Sunday the 16th, Mercury continues to annoy with disturbing messages or thoughts. You’ll also have to make a consequential choice or two. Let self-respect guide your decision. Eris the asteroid of discord causes tempers to flare for two days. Try to keep your cool even if others are fussy. On Monday the 17th, the Capricorn Moon meets Saturn, which can feel serious. You may hit a breaking point that makes you throw up your hands and say, ”Enough of this!” Focus on nesting and housework. On Tuesday the 18th, you can get a lot done if you try. A square between Mars and Uranus could resolve a problem from the recent past or leave you jaw-dropped. Uranus also forms an empowering angle with the Sun that emphasizes meaningful, internal change.

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