Intuition Hike

Pluto turns direct, demanding truth and reinvention.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

—Albert Einstein

After two full years of writing a fresh astrology report every week—for 105 weeks!—I’m tired. A weekly astrology deadline requires massive stamina, research, and emotional weightlifting. I’d like to rest.

This will be my final Space Witch column. I wrote you lovely readers a goodbye letter that lists astrologers I recommend as well as ways to keep in touch. So what happens next? I’m gonna slip away, learn podcasting basics, build a few websites (like for my witch work, and then re-emerge with a monthly Space Witch podcast. I still care about planets, stars, and feelings. I still care about you! But in the spirit of Libra season, I need balance.

Completion and reinvention are the week’s grand themes. That’s because Pluto turns direct on the 30th, then forms a rough square with Mercury on the 2nd. An active Pluto means we’ll be dealing with power, fear, and burn-and-rebuild transformations that can seem overwhelming. As the week starts, we’re still squeezed by Saturn’s time crunch and stressful emphasis on responsibility. Take the bravery you gathered for last week’s Aries full Moon and wear it like a cape as you descend into the vulnerable, private depths of Pluto. Jupiter also pinches us with sharp truths this week. Plus, retrograde Chiron just slipped back into Pisces on the 25th, bringing up delusions, drug stuff, and abandonment. However, positive trine angles (like a Sun/Mars trine on the 27th) provide momentum and opportunity. From the 1st to the 2nd, a Grand Water Trine helps us process the raw ache caused by Saturn, Chiron, and Pluto. You can have a long cry and make measurable progress.


Intuition is a gut feeling, a wordless knowing that helps us dig through facts and words to locate the emotional truth. Though not always rational, intuition is supremely wise. A strong intuition can pick up on people’s true motivations. (Harsh spoiler: Humans don’t always have your best interest in mind, even if they ask for another chance or claim to have changed. Remember this during the coming Venus retrograde!) Our intuition protects us from danger—if we listen to it. But we get into trouble when we ignore our inner wisdom.

Currently Venus and Jupiter are both in Scorpio, a psychic sign where intuition is red-hot accurate. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the very planet that switches to direct motion on the 30th. That means we’re getting bright flashes of intuition, and truth, all week. Judy Blume said, “My only advice is to stay aware, listen carefully, and yell for help if you need it.” I agree. Astrology is a wonderful tool, but your intuition makes the best compass. Serving as your Space Witch has been a pleasure and an honor. I hope this weekly column made you feel less alone and more connected to the mysterious cycles of the Universe (or at least more aware of the Moon!). Peace be with you, and justice be with you.


On Wednesday the 26th, we’re still chewing on the cold reality sandwich Saturn dished up last night when it squared the Sun. The Moon and Pluto also clash in a square angle today, highlighting power struggles. It’s a day for completing cycles, making tough changes, and facing a “final boss.” The Moon is void all day too. On Thursday the 27th, the Moon enters Taurus (where it’s happy!) and then touches Uranus, pushing you to do something differently. For the next few days you can make large strides, because the Sun forms a positive trine angle with Mars, filling you with confidence and physical energy. Move your body or clean house if you feel restless. On Friday the 28th, Jupiter is yearning for freedom. You too may itch for increased independence. The Moon is void after 3:30 p.m. People are snippy and argumentative today. Saturday the 29th delivers more blast-off potential, because the Moon forms a helpful trine with Mars and the Sun. This aspect gives us can-do energy. Juno, an asteroid that rules partnership, enters Gemini today. Teaming up with new people is a bright idea. However, the Sun and Jupiter form a strained angle that could have us feeling restricted or displeased. Only make promises you know you can keep. On Sunday the 30th, Pluto (in the sign of Scorpio) turns direct, which could open a can of secrets or force you to face a fear. Mercury and the Moon are at odds with Neptune, which brings passing sadness and pessimism. The Moon is void all day, yet again! Space out and be alone as much as possible. On Monday the 1st, the Moon enters tender Cancer, and Chiron stirs painful feelings. Be gentle with yourself. A grand water trine (that lasts until the 2nd) helps you cultivate raw feelings. On Tuesday the 2nd, a quarter Moon challenges your plans. Pluto causes more trouble as it squares Mercury and opposes the Moon. Brace for tricky conversations or hard news—but a tough talk today could lead to long-term improvements.