Get Brave

Saturn and an Aries full Moon squeeze us into action.

“I looked up at the Moon

And I wasn’t afraid …

We’re connected by the Moon

Looking at the moon”

—L7, “Moonshine”

This week requires courageous risk. A prickly full Moon in Aries heats things to a boiling point on the 24th. This high-pressure harvest Moon signifies completions and endings. Also, planet Mars—freshly in Aquarius—is hanging out on the South node, a place of release that I call “the cosmic bathtub drain.” Many cycles are drawing to a close this week, including the summer season. Fall begins on Saturday night once the Sun enters Libra, marking Autumnal Equinox. Bust out the space heaters, thick socks, and wool coats! Libra, an Air sign ruled by Venus, wants justice, healthy relationships, beauty, and balance. But before we plunge into Libra season’s partnership focus, we’ll need to make internal adjustments.

If you feel like you’re in meltdown mode, you’re not alone. Your work right now is uncomfortable, important, and totally possible. The Aries full Moon wants you to forge a brave, new identity. Virgo season’s emphasis on self-control and personal improvement got this process rolling last month. Now here come the tests. From the 21st to the 22nd, Chiron puts us face-to-face with old aches and hurts in order to hasten healing—even if the process involves some emotional “ouch.” Fortunately a batch of positive aspects—called quintiles and biquintiles—swoop in from the 19th and 20th to support us as we prepare to make those important course corrections. On the 21st, Mercury enters Libra, where words get a bit friendlier, even flirty. With Mercury and the Sun in Libra, we’re more likely to consider other people’s points of view, yet also prone to hold our tongue when we really should speak up. On the 25th, Mars finally ends its out-of-bounds status, which ought to cool down piping-hot reactions.


Tuesday’s serious full Moon has a real rock-bottom, end-of-the-ride quality. Take care of yourself and ask for help if you’re scared or feel out of control. The seriousness of this Harvest Moon is due to Saturn, who’s forming a tense square with the full Moon. From the 23rd to the 25th, we’ll feel the somber squeeze of Saturn, a grim reaper who demands that we fulfill our responsibilities and accept hard realities and limits. The self-focused Aries full Moon stands across from a relationship-focused Libra Sun. Both signs are brave. Libra is a charismatic defender of fairness. Aries the initiator fights fiercely for what’s right and isn’t afraid to start anew. This Aries full Moon challenges you to depend on yourself and guard your own goals. The Libra Sun asks you to consider other people who depend on you. Sometimes we choose to overlook incompatibilities to keep the peace. Other times we say: “No, that’s not OK!” knowing it may lead to conflict. Despite our free will, we can’t control everything. Social structures, environment, and the behavior of others impact our lives. This Aries full Moon and Libra Sun combo make us consider questions about justice: Who receives protection and who faces consequences? What is fair? These questions may play out on both a personal and Supreme Court level.


On Wednesday the 19th, the Moon is void for most of the day. Treat it like a Mercury retrograde: No big purchases, reread details, and check your work. Wednesday also provides helpful trines that can push forward goals, even ambitious ones. Today also delivers a bundle of supportive quintiles and biquintiles, shifting us onto the right track. On Thursday the 20th, more quintiles appear to assist us with path changes that feel destined. The Sun touches Mercury, making our words extra impactful. Say what needs to be expressed (carefully) and use today’s Aquarius Moon to overcome hesitation. On Friday the 21st, the Moon is void all day, making concentration and final answers difficult. Mercury enters Libra, then faces off with Chiron. Expect a conversation that’s laced with ache or hurt. Mars and Saturn are adding stress too. Saturday the 22nd is the first day of autumn and the beginning of Libra season. Day and night are of equal length. Chiron opposes the Sun, prompting even more wound-tending work. Though there’s also an emotional Pisces Moon, you can still take meaningful action today and integrate big lessons. On Sunday the 23rd, Mercury squares the Saturn, symbolizing heavy talks and possible miscommunication. There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. Mercury forms a trine with Mars, asking you to take a risk that could increase empowerment. On Monday the 24th, the Moon is—you guessed it—void until 4 p.m. The full Moon in Aries occurs just before 8 p.m. It’s time to face the reality and confront responsibilities. On Tuesday the 25th, the Moon remains in Aries. Mars ends its out-of-bounds situation, and the Sun clashes with Saturn. It’s not a day for fun, but it’s a good day for getting stuff done.