Sowing the Seeds

After a long line of retrogrades, a new moon has us looking to future.

“Cheers for spring; for life; for a growing soul.” —Sylvia Plath

A new moon in Taurus on Wednesday sharpens our future focus, providing much-needed forward momentum in a month that’s been marked by sticky, progress-stalling retrogrades. May will make us feel increasingly “unstuck” to be sure, but obstacles persist. This week major forks appear in the road, but we’re still not ready to make definitive choices yet. Mars’ position in the uncertain, vacillating sign of Gemini—combined with an ongoing Mercury retrograde—means we ought to pause before we trip over our too-eager feet. Plus, even if we think we have it all figured out, Mercury-in-Aries will collide with Uranus the unpredictable (also in Aries) on Friday, sparking a dramatic perspective shift. Expect surprising words and wild developments to an old story—particularly any issue that began in late March.

Mercury’s retrograde ends next Wednesday, but we’re still in the rethinking zone. So keep editing your usual reactions, beliefs, habits, and plans as new insights and information rapidly rise to the surface. Your job is to observe, gather data, and take care of yourself. Eyes on your own paper! Last week’s uncomfortable Pluto pressures and Venus/Saturn tension revealed the limits of what others can give. If you felt harmed by unjust power plays or depressed by disappointments, know that those storm clouds will burn off and roll on this week. Sluggish sadness transforms into a spirited desire to push things forward when Venus shifts into Aries on Friday, adding extra fire to the sky until June 6.

However, with Venus and Mercury now in Aries, beware of surly words and pushy attitudes. People aren’t in the mood to sympathize and would rather shift blame to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions (and vice versa, to be honest). Watch out for that! As long as impulsive fights and cutting comebacks fill the air, let the other party breathe while you channel your rage into an activity other than arguing.


Instead of verbal mudslinging, plunge your hands into real soil and celebrate Wednesday’s new moon in Taurus with a little gardening, outdoor time, or spring cleaning. All new moons are opportunities to sow metaphorical seeds of intent, but this new moon is especially fertile and positive. Consider the goals you want to cultivate over the next six months, then write down specific details: What would a successful outcome look like? Who might help you along the way? What small, repeated steps can you take to reach that final finish line?

Taurus season marks the time of year when we can see visible growth and beauty all around. (Remember, Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of fertility and beauty.) Early spring’s eager green shoots have matured into vibrant red-and-yellow petals; fuzzy buds have bloomed into pastel pink cherry blossoms. From the buzzing of bees and chirping of birds to the intensifying of floral scents, our senses tell us life is indeed developing. And Taurus—a sign concerned with tangible, real, measurable signs—wants to put resources and energy only into sure bets that will sustain us in the future. No gambles, no frivolous waste. Wednesday’s new moon helps reassure us that progress is happening, damn it—even if this retrograde-heavy month has seemed twisting and labyrinthine.


The new moon in Taurus on Wednesday the 26th wants to know what you’re going to grow and nurture over the next few months. Thursday the 27th could include combative themes, yet also offers a sensual evening when the moon and Venus make positive contact. Friday the 28th has more confrontation energy. Not only does Venus enters Aries that day, but Uranus (shock) also meets up with Mercury (words) in the morning. It’s a day of big news and communicating or thinking in new ways. You might be asked to trust or join forces with someone you should really avoid. Listen to your gut on Friday and say no if you need to. Saturday the 29th is a good day to try doing things differently, but beware of an argument in the evening. A Cancer moon makes Sunday the 30th ideal for staying in and getting comfortable. Put on some tunes and clean house! Monday the 1st presents emotional challenges that should smooth out by the time Tuesday the 2nd rolls around.