A Whole New Ballgame

With a new moon in Aries and another retrograde on the way, expect some curveballs.

Monday’s new moon in Aries is a clean canvas onto which we can paint bold, bright strokes. What do you have to offer the world that only you can give? What unique perspectives or original ideas are yours alone to express? This new moon invites you to show off. Decide how you want to shine, then set your specific intentions on Monday or Tuesday with a personalized new-moon ritual. Astrologically, Monday’s new moon is pretty mellow, even sensual. However, the ongoing Venus retrograde and an impending Mercury retrograde (yes, really) create a week of “illuminating” communication and occasional tension between personal freedom and interpersonal connection. Keep a close watch on your impulse control this week. People are feeling feisty. And you can’t take back blurted words.

In Tarot, Aries energy is symbolized by The Emperor, a card that depicts a fierce, white-bearded, heavily armored ruler sitting on his throne with body language that asserts “I’m in control here.” When I think of local living Aries figures, I think of Mariners pitcher Félix Hernández, with his huge neck tattoo of the Aries ram-horn symbol. Last season, during a home game against the Toronto Blue Jays, “King Félix”—frustrated by the loud Blue Jays fans who packed Safeco Field—stepped off the pitching mound after holding Toronto hitless for seven innings; pointed to his chest, then to the ground; and shouted, “This is MY house. MY house.” That game stretched to 12 innings, but thanks to Félix putting his foot down, Seattle won 2-1. Félix Hernández: Aries.


Astrology and baseball aren’t so different: They’re both ongoing sagas about individual players and collective teams, all challenging and changing each other through their interactions. Plus, timing is everything. This week our interactions are influenced by plenty of Aries energy in the air, plus two major plot points in Venus’ current retrograde journey.

On Saturday the 25th the Sun touches (conjuncts) Venus, throwing a white-hot spotlight of awareness on how we partner, both now and in relationships passed. You’ll be extra-intuitive that day, so stay open to sudden insights about yourself or others. For instance: Do you say you’re sick of always bickering with your brother, only to realize you’re actually the one who starts most of your text wars? Are you arguing with your partner about a coffee pot when it dawns on you that the argument is in fact about trust and communication issues, not coffee? Sometimes awareness stings, but you just have to say “I was wrong” or “I’m sorry”—say it first, even. The good news is this Sun/Venus connection formally ends a Venus story that began for you in the spring of 2009. Whether your specific story was about love, money, or ego, that eight-year era is over. A new Venus cycle starts Saturday. Congratulations!

On Sunday, Venus the evening star will appear to slip into the underworld and become invisible for a few nights until finally re-emerging as a morning star next week. With Venus missing from the sky for a few days, sweetness and love might be more difficult to access. Try anyway! The friction won’t be this rough forever. Also on Sunday, planet Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow zone (Mercury officially turns retrograde April 9). If you engage in an important conversation that day, just know you may have to revisit key details or perspectives about the same issue later on. Yeah, this also means there will be a stretch in early April when both Venus and Mercury will be retrograde. If you think things are wacky now, just wait!


An Aquarius moon on Thursday and Friday allows for inspired ideas and a productive streak. You can get a ton done these days. However, on Thursday you should resist the temptation to hurl mean words at someone. Your outburst could do more damage than you realize in the heated moment. A showdown between Mercury and Jupiter on Friday might stir up issues of being included or excluded. There’s also a slight danger of physical accidents on Friday, so be careful with knives and use extra caution behind a steering wheel. Sunday stirs deep emotions. Try to meet friends that day or get out in nature to distract yourself from any existential swamps of despair. The new moon in Aries on Monday should lighten your mood.