Rage and Pain

A rough week jolts us awake.

“Feelings seem like made-up things,

though I know they’re not.

I don’t understand why they lead me

around …”

―Brenda Shaughnessy, “All Possible Pain”

Ugh. Oof. We’re hitting a rough patch. The comforting thing about astrology: Rough patches do pass. Next week will be different, but first we have to navigate this bumpy, thorny one. Pluto, Mars, and Mercury are all battling one another with sharp teeth gnashing. Their squabbles create ongoing tension and nastiness that peaks on Sunday. Not only do these three clashing planets pose problems, but on July 1, minor planet Chiron—the wounded healer—turns retrograde until December. Chiron’s direction change pokes painful buttons, forcing us to confront old wounds and insecurities all week long.

People are doing major emotional processing right now, attempting to keep their heads above water as frothy waves of raw feelings jostle them around. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all situated in touchy Cancer too. There’s danger of Mars-influenced rage and Cancer-season temper tantrums. Remember that everyone is amped up and super-sensitive.


Last week I maaay have described Cancers as petty, moody elephants. For transparency’s sake, you should know my own Moon is in Cancer, so I’m familiar with the water sign’s emo ways. Crucial astrology tip: If you don’t already know your Moon and rising sign, you can find out by viewing your natal chart. Also called a birth chart, a natal chart is like a screenshot of the sky the moment you were born. You can make one online in seconds by entering your birthplace and exact time of birth. (My favorite free resource is alabe.com/freechart.) Once you know your Sun, Moon, and rising sign, always check these Big Three when you read horoscopes. They’re all you. Your Moon sign shapes your emotional world and inner private life. Your Sun and rising sign determine how others see you. In astrology and in life, people have more than just one identity.


Emotions are informative. Anger, hurt, and joy can act like data. The discomfort and conflict you encounter now is telling you what you need to change to be more at peace. Extreme frustration lets you know if it’s time to quit a job, move apartments, or adjust (if not end) a relationship. Though emotions are informative, they can also feel overwhelming. This week there’s a real risk of getting caught up in a momentary emotion, yelling “To hell with it!” and torching a bridge you can’t un-scorch. Careful—especially with your words, as Pluto will be raising issues of judgment, disapproval, and power too. Best case scenario? This week’s bumps can jolt us awake to see the truth about what we want and what’s not working. Pluto goads us to shed dead skin and begin again, while Mars puts us in touch with our irritation and desires.


When tiny-yet-potent Chiron makes a move—as it will Saturday when it goes retrograde—we hurt. That’s because Chiron makes us confront any unresolved suffering we’re carrying around like an ignored splinter. Because Chiron is in Pisces, expect to grapple with issues of separation and abandonment as well. While Chiron is retrograde for the next six months, we’ll focus less on external sources of pain and become more introspective. By analyzing our root-level grief, we can dislodge the stubborn pain (even childhood stuff) and heal harder. Chiron activity during Cancer season means we’re really learning how to nourish, nurture, and support ourselves in ways that even our family or loved ones couldn’t. That’s true empowerment.


A stressful Virgo Moon on Wednesday the 28th creates hypercritical pressure that doesn’t quite ease until Thursday afternoon. Breathe deeply before you speak all week, but especially on Wednesday when Mercury (communication) touches Mars (anger/action). On Thursday the 29th, Mercury faces off with Pluto, which translates to “conversations that transform.” Getting to the core of an issue can get messy, but trust the truths you share and hear. On Friday the 30th, a Libra Moon puts the focus on getting along with others. However, the Moon’s difficult angle with the Sun means you may have to make tough choices or put in extra relationship effort. On Saturday the 1st, the Moon creates three challenging angles to Mars, Pluto, and Mercury, causing extra sensitivity. If you can sneak in some solitude time, slip away and just feel. Take a long bath or walk near water. Sunday the 2nd has the potential for sulky moods and outbursts. Though by evening, Uranus and the Moon pave the way for enlightening realizations. On Monday the 3rd, a sexy Scorpio Moon forms positive, more optimistic angles. Improved moods continue into Tuesday the 4th, the day Venus enters Gemini.