Twin Peeks

So long, Taurus. Let Gemini season begin!

Sweet relief! Though Venus and Mercury ended their retrogrades in April and May, respectively, on Saturday those two planets will finally, truly move out of their post-retrograde shadow zones. Counting the pre- and post-retrograde periods, the two planets have hampered the first five (!) months of 2017 with relationship headaches, ghosts from the past, and frustrating obstacles. It’s been hellish. You just might witness a last-gasp Venus/Mercury retro death rattle this week. Perhaps that one person will try one last time to worm their way past your boundaries and push your buttons. But stay strong, because by Saturday the coast is seriously clear. Plus, with Mercury freshly out of Aries and now in Taurus until June 6, the current astro atmosphere encourages more constructive, less explosive conversations as well as genuine forward momentum. At last! Also on Saturday, the Sun leaves Taurus and enters playful, curious Gemini.

Gemini, controlled by talkative planet Mercury, rules the third house of the zodiac. The zodiac itself is a 12-part sky chart that also represents stages of human development. In the Aries-ruled first House of Self, we push for what we want as individuals. In the second house, Taurus territory, we ground those desires by planting seeds and gathering resources. Having met those needs, we arrive at Gemini, House of Communications, where we’re ready to reach out to others. Gemini, symbolized by the mythical twins Castor and Pollux, relates to neighbors, siblings, mental stimulation, and even short trips. So while in this house, we chat, collaborate, and expand our minds by exchanging ideas and exploring different points of view.


Like all air signs, Gemini excels at verbal and written communication. During Gemini season, words flow more easily. So use this window wisely! As a “mutable” sign, quick-thinking Gemini isn’t afraid to experiment with creative expression. Famous Geminis who exemplify these traits include witty humorist Demetri Martin (who while in college wrote “Dammit I’m Mad,” a 224-word palindromic poem that reads the same forward and backward), Outkast rapper André 3000, author Joyce Carol Oates, poet Gwendolyn Brooks, experimental musician Laurie Anderson, and mysterious lyricist Stevie Nicks.

Gemini is the trickster of the zodiac, a jester who uses wordplay and strange logic to reveal deeper meanings. Comfortable with paradoxes, Gemini understands that the correct answer isn’t always yes or no, but often both. A Gemini is able to hold multiple opposing viewpoints, despite apparent contradictions. Yet the shadow side of Gemini is an enhanced ability to—well—spin the truth. Currently the U.S. is led by a Gemini known for distorting reality and signing off on less-than-honest phrases such as “alternative facts” and “fake but accurate.” Umm, OK.

Though Geminis have a reputation for being “two-faced” and duplicitous, we, as complex human beings, all have the capacity to deceive others and ourselves. We refuse to face the truth if the truth makes us look bad. We can’t handle the coldness of our own shadow, so we deny it exists. We project our shortcomings onto others (I’m fine, but you’re messed up!). Gemini season challenges us to curb that behavior and own up to our unsavory bits.


Wednesday the 17th encourages you to pursue individual goals, even if you have to ask for a little space to make them happen. On Thursday the 18th the Sun forms a positive angle to Chiron, the minor planet associated with healing. You may also have to say goodbye to one thing so you can go for something else. Endings are natural! On Friday the 19th you may have to assert your limits with someone. But there’s also a healthy sense of optimism and lucky opportunities to collaborate. A moon in Pisces on Friday and Saturday the 20th should allow you to better understand someone’s point of view. Negotiate issues related to partnerships of all kinds Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, Venus leaves its post-retrograde nastiness and Gemini season begins. Expect surprising news from Mercury. Sunday the 21st is another good day for focusing on personal goals. A moon in Aries that lasts until Monday the 22nd makes both Sunday and Monday ideal for taking wise action. When the moon touches Mercury on Tuesday the 23rd, your heart and head align so you can think and talk about your feelings.