The Great Fling Forward

With Mercury retrograde finally ending, mercifully, it’s time to make a move.

It’s whoosh week! Tighten your helmet and prepare to propel forward with stunning speed as Mercury turns direct on Wednesday (and other stuff shifts around in space too). Mercury the communication planet is ending its three-week retrograde that’s been tangling our words, thoughts, and movements since April 9. Though Mercury is technically still scooting through the post-retrograde “shadow zone” until May 21, miscommunication issues should really smooth out after Wednesday. Mercury won’t mess with us again until early August, so phew! April was a month steeped in serious introspection and heated conflicts that clawed at our nerves, but May looks to be kinder, gentler, and more supportive of progress. Onward!


Those tough choices and forks in the road you encountered last week? Well, you can sprint forward with confidence now that wonky Mercury’s fog has lifted and you’ll be able to sense—on a bone-deep level—the best move to make. This week delivers striking clarity right to your door; listen to your gut and you’ll know what to do. It’s an excellent time to wrap up old projects and reach out to new connections.

Through key conversations with authority figures and fortuitous contacts with your social network this week, you’ll get a better sense of what you’re ready to finish and where you’re headed in the future. Something else big is happening this week: The moon’s North and South Nodes—two important points located at opposite ends of the sky—are preparing to shift signs.


The Lunar Nodes act like compass needles that direct how the moon orbits the Earth, and also determine where eclipses will occur. The North and South Nodes stay put for one and a half years, so when they change signs, it’s a big deal. Similar to the Earth’s North and South Pole, the Nodes are invisible points—180 degrees from each other—located at opposite zodiac signs. This is their final week in the signs of Virgo and Pisces before they shift to Leo and Aquarius on May 10.

Many astrologers say the lunar Nodes determine our destiny and shape our life lessons on a quiet, spiritual level. Destiny can be an uncomfortable concept to ponder. We want to believe we’re in total control of our lives, but sometimes fate cuts in and alters our dance. We are responsible for our own actions, to be sure. Yet when it comes to who enters and exits our life, which opportunities land in our lap and when, or where we live, work, and love … sometimes the Universe—well—intervenes. I’ll write more next week about how these new Nodes will affect us. Just know that this week there’s a palpable sense that certain stories are either ending or moving on to the next chapter. November 2015 was the last time the Lunar Nodes shifted; think of what you were experiencing back then, and expect resolutions or plot developments to that storyline. Change can be frightening, but it’s all part of the weird geometry of space, Earthling. Embrace the big shifts.


Wednesday the 3rd marks the end of Mercury’s retrograde, but not without a little exclamation-point-worthy news that day. Expect to engage in important conversations that clear up misunderstandings and misconceptions. A benevolent Sun-and-Neptune angle supports creative endeavors and positive connections with others. Thursday the 4th brings tension in the evening; you’ll want to examine how your home is working (or not) for you and how you nurture or accept nurturing. A Virgo moon on Friday the 5th is great for critical thinking, honing in on details, and editing dispassionately without letting sentimentality sway you. Make decisions that day. Organize and update your surroundings too! You’ll want to socialize and see pals on Saturday the 6th, a day that also includes extra-sexy vibes. Sunday the 7th is full of lucky opportunities and collaboration potential. However, there’s also a risk of an argument (possibly related to something that’s been going on since January). Get practical stuff done and make progress on ongoing projects on Monday the 8th, then prepare for surprising or significant news to hit on Tuesday the 9th. A Scorpio moon on Tuesday is also beneficial for doing research and indulging in, um, sensuality.