Less Thinking, More Feeling

Cancer season starts with a romantic week.

The Sun entered tender Cancer on Tuesday, marking the start of Cancer season and the beginning of summer. We’re leaving the cerebral, talkative Gemini zone and wading onto the shores of sensitive Cancer, an emotionally intelligent water sign, symbolized by a crab-shaped constellation (Cancer is Latin for crab). Can you feel it? Well, get ready to.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is associated with the Fourth House of home and family—the part of the zodiac that asks, “How do you nurture others and receive support?” Planet Mars has been in Cancer since June 4, and on Wednesday, Mercury moves into Cancer too. Then on Friday, a new moon in Cancer joins them all, creating one packed house. The week ahead is bejeweled with some sparkly planetary angles that support love connections and deepening intimacy. With so many planets squished into Cancer, this week we’ll all focus on the shells we call home (organizing, cleaning, and decorating) while embodying Cancer-like qualities.


As with other water signs, Cancers demonstrate heightened intuition and empathy skills. Their ability to anticipate others’ desires and read nonverbal cues makes them excellent lovers, friends, and caregivers. Cancers get a bad rap for being “overly sensitive,” but that’s largely because our society devalues vulnerability and emotional honesty. Since Cancer is ruled by the ever-changing moon, the sign’s moods are mutable too, rising and falling like the tide. In the mythical language of astrology, the moon symbolizes the feminine principle—this has nothing to do with gender or bodies, and everything to do with attitude and action. As a “feminine” sign, Cancer honors gut instincts, dream wisdom, poetic images, and verbs like listening, supporting, and nurturing. Anyone can exhibit these traits.

Swept away by euphoria and sorrow alike, Cancers feel everything intensely. When overwhelmed by the outside world, they take refuge at home where they can enjoy the security of comfort foods, favorite blankets, and fluffy pillows. Cancers are nostalgic creatures, so hearing a certain song on the radio (say, Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”) instantly fills their eyes with tears.


When it comes to negative qualities, Cancers are worriers who tend to overanalyze their social interactions, fretting that they said or did something wrong. Cancers erect walls of defensiveness, have difficulty hearing criticism, get possessive, and don’t always ask for help when they need it. When emotionally upset, some Cancers suffer digestive problems and stomach pains. People assume Scorpio is the pettiest sign of the sky, but actually Cancer holds that title. That’s because Cancer holds on tightly to memories of slights and hurts. The elephants of the zodiac, Cancers remember exactly how someone made them feel, even decades ago. Their subtle, slow revenge is served sideways, like a scurrying crab—perhaps with a sharp remark. Wound a Cancer (or anyone in their inner circle) and you’ll regret it, eventually.

With Mercury now in Cancer, pay close attention to people’s inflections (“I’m fine” has many meanings). Body language matters. Also: Avoid taking things too personally. For instance: “I’m not really interested in seeing that movie. Maybe we could do something else tonight” might receive a huffy Mercury-in-Cancer reaction of: “Why do you shoot down every idea I have? It’s insulting!” And with Mars in Cancer, anger can get stifled, only to boil over at inappropriate times. Express your frustrations to prevent explosions. What all these Cancer qualities can do is help you beautify your living space, reconnect with old friends or family, and try a little tenderness.


On Wednesday the 21st, the Sun and Mercury touch in a way that’ll make you want to watch your words. Double-check before pressing send! Thursday the 22nd is great for communication, thanks to a moon in Gemini working well with Jupiter. Get stuff done. Friday the 23rd’s new moon in Cancer could cause touchy moods, yet also allow for deepening commitment due to Saturn. Think beyond what’s always been and focus on future goals. Saturday the 24th poses a risk of hot tempers, but also offers important mental breakthroughs. Venus and Pluto set the stage for powerful transformations in love or looks. It’s a good day for a tattoo or drastic hair change. Stormy moods should lift by the afternoon of Sunday the 25th. Listen to your intuition that day and consider any harmful habits you’re ready to drop. Monday the 26th looks great, but Tuesday the 27th presents cooperation challenges.