Stay, Leave, or Change!

A Capricorn full moon says, “Get real!”

Last week, unpleasant storm-cloud Chiron doused you in primal pain. On top of that, Mars, Mercury, and Pluto flicked your ears and poked your ribs to, well, put you in touch with your anger. But you survived the irritating discomfort, and you’re entering this new week with clear awareness about what needs to change. If last week was a time to feel and process by yourself, then this next one is a time to discuss with others and do. Conversations are far more productive now, partly thanks to Mercury and Venus changing signs. Since we’re still swimming through sensitive Cancer season—and also approaching a full moon on Saturday (always an emotional event)—feelings won’t exactly fade out. We’ll just be better able to express ourselves and decide wisely. This week we’ll choose how to respond to escalating frustrations. Is it best to stay, leave, or change?

A full moon in Capricorn is the biggest event in the sky this week. Our energy levels and “Oh, now I get it” realizations gain volume and intensity as we near Saturday’s maximum lunar light. The full moon’s buzzing reverberations will even last a few days beyond Saturday. We’re also traveling through pre-eclipse territory now, gathering clues about what sort of story will play out in our lives once the lunar and solar eclipses hit in August. Eclipses propel our narrative forward: relocation, new job, ending, beginning. We can already sense the plot thickening and can feel the eclipse train rumbling down the track.


Venus entered Gemini on July 4. Gemini Venus means our connections have a more buoyant, curious tone. While the planet of love is in air-sign Gemini (until the 31st), the way to a person’s heart is through sparkling conversation, flirty texts, and even social-media content (memes, baby!). Then on Wednesday the 5th, Mercury leaves Cancer—where it was cross and pouty—and struts into Leo, a passionate fire sign. Communication is about to get more authentic and less passive-aggressive and stifled. A Leo-influenced Mercury means it’ll be easier to know, admit, and express our desires. Not only are Venus and Mercury trying on fresh signs, but the two also have a very positive interaction on Friday that can help our conversations (even about touchy subjects) all week. Talks about business and relationship matters are especially favored.


The moon isn’t exactly comfortable in Capricorn, a serious sign concerned with what’s real and tangible, yet rather annoyed by squishy, shifting feelings. Because Pluto (also in Capricorn) is heavily involved with Saturday’s full moon, the reality-check energy will only be magnified. This full moon isn’t bouncy castles and sugar cookies, but rather savings goals, strict schedules, and dietary fiber. Saturday’s full moon in Capricorn forces you to face facts and admit where deep, lasting transformation needs to happen in your life, especially in your financial or career realm.

To better understand this full moon, think of the character Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series. Snape—a stern teacher and rigid wizard—is actually a Capricorn, known for sarcastic, cold humor and thin patience for foolishness. “Control your emotions! Discipline your mind!” demands Professor Snape in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This full moon is a tough teacher that wants you to push yourself to perform well rather than slack off and sort of hope for the best. Might seem harsh, but the encouraging thing is this: If you use this full moon to take small actions toward transformation, then the Universe will quickly fill your sails to assist you. You can achieve goals, but first you have to show you’re serious.


On Wednesday the 5th, the hill ahead seems dauntingly steep, the goal nearly impossible. But don’t lose hope! There’s also a risk of overpromising, overspending, or overdoing. Pour your attention into home matters if you can. Thursday the 6th inspires you to try out a new idea, but could also bring interpersonal tension. You may have to turn someone down or say no to something. Friday the 7th has potential for meaningful breakthroughs and sudden realizations, as well as beneficial conversations. Finish things up. The full moon on Saturday the 8th will feel serious but show you where you need to course-correct. Accept its lunar lessons, then take action. Sunday the 9th keeps that adjust-and-improve momentum rolling. You may have to refuse one thing so you can choose a better option. An Aquarius moon on Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th encourages writing and generating new ideas, while positive planetary angles both days help our person-to-person interactions too.