Election Guide 2016

The Lovers and Haters of ST3

ST3 is a massive plan, so there is a lot to love – and not love – about it. Meet the constituencies that have come out for and against the mass transit plan


Riders gather to board the light rail at the Capitol Hill Station in Seattle during the station’s first day of operation in March. Jeremy Dwyer-Lundgren / Seattle Weekly

How Did Sound Transit Manage to Cut Years Off ST3’s Construction Schedule?

The change came amid public outcry. But managers insist they aren’t playing politics with the numbers.


Comix In The City

Anya’s Dance

Sometimes, seeing your weird art friend’s weird art thing can get especially weird.



The Old Spaghetti Mystery

What nefarious secrets lie within the waterfront’s Old Spaghetti Factory…


Eat Drink Toke

The Variety Show Where a Low Score Makes for a High Time

‘The Bong Show’ is just like ‘The Gong Show,’ except there is more burlesque, performers in drag, and no gong.



Making Sense of Charles Smith’s $120 Million Wine Sale

What the deal says about the way that winemakers view wine drinkers and Washington state.


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