Luck Picks Up

Jupiter turns direct and a supportive full moon lights the way.

Delivering good news sure feels good. It’s my pleasure to report that—while daily challenges and fluctuating moods always exist—the week ahead looks downright positive, dotted by an optimistic full moon in Sagittarius and a beneficial direction change by planet Jupiter. Not only do we get an encouraging full moon and a long-awaited Jupiter shift on Friday, but there’s also a helpful interaction between Venus and Mars that day. When Venus and Mars get along, it’s easier for us to work with others and even experience heightened sexual chemistry. Make the most of it. All these favorable astro aspects will frost the entire week’s cake.

Although Mars recently moved into Cancer—which adds surliness to home and family matters and even rattles our sense of security—Venus and Mercury are now both situated in signs they love. This helps immensely! Due to some specific space geometry, this week we might feel compelled to propel ourselves forward in a fresh direction, as if charged with a clear mission. We know what we feel called to do and trust our intuition to guide us. However, we may need to first overcome blockages and rethink old beliefs before we slingshot ourselves ahead. Sometimes leveling up involves sacrifice. So don’t be afraid to let go of the old you.


Since February 5, planet Jupiter has been retrograde (moving backward). It’s not as though zero cool things could occur while Jupiter was retrograde, it’s just that making them happen might have required extra push and patience. Well, scatter confetti on Friday, because Jupiter is finally moving forward and giving us green lights galore! Jupiter, a generous grandma of a planet, bestows cosmic gifts and showers us with lucky opportunities. The largest planet in our solar system, giant Jupiter is associated with expansion and growth, optimism, and good moods.

With Jupiter now direct, our pet projects and grand goals should flow more smoothly. We’ll also notice increased sweetness and understanding in relationships. That’s because Jupiter is currently in the sign of Libra, where it magnifies the importance of one-on-one relating. This week Jupiter wants you to reflect on who supports you and how. Maybe you’ll finally hear back from a small press that tells you, “Yes, we’ll publish your manuscript!”, or perhaps a friend will ask, “Do you want to share an art studio with me?” Sometimes good things do happen.


Not all full moons are as joyful and celebratory as Friday’s Sagittarius full moon. Sagittarius is an enthusiastic fire sign that’s ruled by—you guessed it—Jupiter. And Jupiter’s big shift this week only intensifies the positive effects of this moon. Sagittarius and Jupiter are associated with philosophy, travel, faith, and learning through exploration and idea exchanges. This moon asks: “What do you believe is possible?” While full moons can pull repressed emotions to the surface in jarring ways, this full moon is far friendlier. It wants you to stop and acknowledge the progress you’ve made since early February, and to trust that even more progress is possible. Believe. Because this full moon interacts with the Sun in Gemini, you’ll also be evaluating your own communication patterns and thoughts, honestly examining the multifaceted sides and selves that you contain, without harsh judgement.


The moon on Wednesday the 7th is at an odd phase called “void of course,” which means the moon is transitioning between two signs until 4 p.m., so avoid big decisions and launching new endeavors that day, because you’ll likely have to revise details later. From Wednesday through Thursday the 8th Mercury is ping-ponging between Venus and Mars, creating pressure to improve communication in your relationships. The breakthroughs you make will be long-lasting, so try! Friday the 9th delivers that glittering full moon in Sagittarius, plus the wonderful Venus/Mars angle that encourages passion and easy agreements. By evening your attention might turn toward issues of commitment and responsibility. Saturday the 10th will help you notice patterns in yourself or in another person. Sunday the 11th is a fine time to clean house and update your living space. Clear cobwebs and de-junk your closet! Resist the urge to argue that day; remember you don’t have to bite the bait. Monday the 12th has another void-of-course moon from about noon until 5 p.m., so no major choices or contract-signing during that time! A lively Mercury on Tuesday the 13th means we can expect lots of talks and rapid thoughts.