Musical Chairs

Three planets change signs as we sprint into a lively month.

Gemini season is not a quiet time. The sign of the twins is marked by full-throttle mental activity: analyzing, chatting, texting, questioning, and socializing. Our wide-awake brains can seem a little too alert right now. All astrology aside, as the Sun approaches the summer solstice in mid-June, these lengthy daylight hours can energize us to do more, yet also drain us when we try to do everything. High on the buzz of warm weather, we say yes to too much and squeeze in event after activity after party after road trip until we’re struggling to zip shut an overstuffed suitcase of a schedule. Gemini’s emphasis on the mind can make us forget about the body’s limitations. Instead of convincing ourselves that we can totally run on three iced coffees and four hours of sleep, we need to rest and recuperate before we become trembling, frazzled chihuahuas who snap at people because we’re utterly exhausted. Sloooow down. Unwind.

The month of June is pulsating with astrological action, and this week is especially swift-moving. Mars is urging us to make progress on the endeavors we’ve recently decided to commit to. We’ve picked our path, and now it’s launch time. Though the new route we’ve chosen might seem daunting and unfamiliar, positive planetary “conversations” and angles this week are sparking a renewal of faith. The adventure that lies ahead requires us to trust and jump! Venus and Uranus come together on Saturday the 3rd to ask: What’s holding you back from pushing forward? What beliefs about love or success do you need to drop so you can pick up new patterns? Uranus always wants to do things differently, and when that rebel planet touches Venus (their contact is called a conjunction), we’ll feel refreshed or possibly surprised. Expect sudden revelations and instant understandings that rearrange your internal furniture.


The planets that orbit nearest the Sun are called personal planets; their activity affects our individual lives more than outer planets. This week all three personal planets are changing signs, creating a fresh palette of emotions and responses for weeks to come. On Sunday the 4th, Mars switches from Gemini to Cancer. Hot Mars is not very comfortable in Cancer (a water sign), resulting in increased defensiveness, minor martyrdom, and rapidly shifting feelings. With Mars in Cancer, people will take actions according to their moods, and their moods will change about every two days as the moon enters a new sign. But the good news is that Venus and Mercury are both moving into signs that they adore!

On Tuesday the 6th, Venus spins into Taurus territory. While Venus was stuck in Aries, folks were noticeably pushy and determined to do things their own way. It was difficult to sympathize with others and see their viewpoint. Yet Venus is perfectly at home in Taurus, a sign it rules. With Venus in Taurus, there will be a greater emphasis on beauty, harmony, and collaboration. Also on Tuesday, Mercury is transitioning into Gemini, a sign that it rules. The right words will flow easily and thoughts will be clear and sharp (but strive to stay very honest, even if it’s awkward). Mercury in Gemini is a great time to write and communicate. Amid all this planetary activity, just be sure to give yourself opportunities to recharge! Draw the curtains and shut out the Sun if you need to.


A positive angle between Mercury and Pluto on Wednesday the 31st encourages discussions and research so we can evaluate our options before we begin a brave new undertaking. On Thursday the 1st, Venus and Saturn help us work with others (especially authority figures) so we can make our desires realities. Friday the 2nd includes some tension that will test your determination to reach a goal. You’ll view old wounds with fresh eyes so you can figure out what you must restructure in order to improve. Prepare for more mental breakthroughs on Saturday the 3rd when Venus conjuncts Uranus. Strategize about how you’re going to do things. Sunday the 4th lets you make more adjustments, especially to relationships. Monday the 5th has a sexy Scorpio moon, and Tuesday the 6th is good for creativity and fresh starts. n