Webvan, R.I.P.

IF I HAD A BILLION dollars, I could have bought a lot of groceries. Bags and bags and bags of them. In fact, I was… Continue reading

Wee Time

So "pedophile" is the new hip buzzword. Great. It's curious that whenever conservatives run the world, we're all encouraged to think in the safety of… Continue reading

Weekly Horoscopes

Aries (March 21–April 19)Imagine you have incredibly impressive superpowers that only work when no one is looking. You can fly at supersonic speeds, but the… Continue reading

  • Oct 9, 2006

Weekly Horoscopes

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)Slow down, you maniac. You're not a race-car driver careening around corners, protected by years of training, safety equipment, and a gravel… Continue reading

  • Oct 9, 2006

Weird enough, but not true

Sorry folks, it is too good to be true. I mean, of course, that outrageous-sounding quote from the Independent Pornographer that's been bouncing around the… Continue reading

Weird science

"Habitat plans must stand on solid scientific work," concludes a Seattle P-I editorial (6/13) of a "disturbing new report by 119 independent scientists working under… Continue reading

Welcome back, A-Rod

IN BASEBALL, AS IN LOVE, it's usually best to avoid seeing each other for a while after a breakup. When Alex Rodriguez signed a 10-year,… Continue reading

Welcome to City Hall

Holding a press conference can be a risky proposition. And now, beyond the sobering thought of having nobody show up, activists face the added threat… Continue reading

Welcome to Greater Georgelandia!

Formerly known as the U.S.A.

Welcome to Seattle! Now move along

There will soon be a new friendly face on downtown Seattle's mean streets, steering tourists to nearby restaurants and guiding the homeless to social services.… Continue reading

Welcome to the fishbowl

'Real World' Seattle finally hits the tube.


Seattle is home to 800 nonhuman primates, but the University of Washington won't let anyone see them. Here's why.

Welcome to the wiggle room

I can only assume that the following is a stunning example of what happens when arrogant people of limited intelligence spend their teen years combining… Continue reading

Welcome, Dubya

Let's prepare a loud, democratic Seattle greeting for Bush.

Welfare clock ticks

Will people on welfare actually be kicked off?

Well Read, Well Fed

Our suggestions for books for cooks that aren't necessarily cookbooks.

Wes in paradise

Fame and fortune's not a game that he plays; the Seattle songsmith bucks the record industry trend.

Western State

The hospital that needs reviving


Amidst all downtown's aloof corporate skybridges, there's one that functions as a real and distinctive public space: the catwalk that runs above Marion Street from… Continue reading

Westside Greggets in early

Greg Nickels has jumped into the mayor's race, kicking off Seattle's 2001 election campaign.Well, not exactly. Newspaper headlines notwithstanding, don't expect to find the veteran… Continue reading