James Bush

‘Times’ change

Gutsy Seattle Times editor Mindy Cameron retires. Will her quirky, opinionated editorial page survive?


2001 redux

Seattle's year to remember ends, and thank goodness for that.


4th and James

Who's got the money?That's the question of the hour—every hour—during City Hall budgeting season.Some people think the budget is deadly dull (generally those folks who… Continue reading


4th and James

Bad things could happen

A consumer reports

A fan's-eye view of the Safe's contents.

A death in the family

What can you say about the terminal illness and death of Seattle Schools Superintendent John Stanford? "Nothing" has been the answer from the Seattle Weekly:… Continue reading

A floor away

Collectors of good signs take note: At his swearing-in ceremony last Monday, new Mayor Greg Nickels shook the hand of every City Council member before… Continue reading

A red-hot 45

The City Council ducks a bullet and adopts a controversial initiative quietly.

A river in danger?

A national green group plays political hardball with the Cedar River.

Another four years?

It figures that the 2001 mayoral campaign would start not with a bang, but with an adverb."Probably" was Mayor Paul Schell's response at a recent… Continue reading

Another garage scam?

Environmentalists spar with West Seattle over parking garages.

Are Seattle’s neighborhood papers all washed up?

One man's odyssey through the backstreets of Seattle journalism, from 'students in the news' and the policeblotter to fighting City Hall and winning

Arts increase meets March madness

Government's many lovers of sports terminology like to call legislation that will pass easily a "slam dunk." But real basketball fans know that no matter… Continue reading

Attack of the 150-foot planners

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you: Extra growth!OK, a bit of oversell there, but you've got to resort to punchy intros when you're column… Continue reading

Back for more

Seattle residents will have Mayor Paul Schell to kick around for at least one more campaign; the tech-savvy incumbent announced last week in his e-mail… Continue reading

Back on track

Monorail is back from the dead and on the ballot again.

Back to the voting board

It's been just five years since Seattle voters rejected a switch to a City Council elected by geographic district, but old ideas never die.A new… Continue reading

Back to work

P-I employees leave the picket line and face new challenges.

Barking up the wrong slope

Dog owners who feel they don't get any respect from City Hall now have compelling evidence: the sites selected to replace the temporary Volunteer Park… Continue reading

Beam me up

The Space Needle's flashy light show gets panned by environmentalists and astronomers.