James Bush

Holding up the viaduct with one strong hand: Charlie Chong.

Charlie rides again

"I've got to be honest, this race is still a snoozer," says political consultant Brett Bader of the battle for Seattle mayor. "It needs a… Continue reading

Holding up the viaduct with one strong hand: Charlie Chong.
Start rocking, kids! says City Council member Richard Conlin.

City of 1000 dances?

The notorious Teen Dance Ordinance faces execution.

Start rocking, kids! says City Council member Richard Conlin.
City OK, you're OK

City OK, you’re OK

For those of you too busy to attend Mayor Paul Schell's State of the City address on January 29, here's the executive summary:Needless to say,… Continue reading

City OK, you're OK
Toussaint marches in.

Civic Foundation taps Toussaint

Coming off a disappointing 1999 city election campaign, the Civic Foundation is looking to make a comeback. Leading the charge will be Angela Toussaint, a… Continue reading

Toussaint marches in.

Clash of the tweed titans

The Seattle City Council spiced up its two-day retreat last week with a panel discussion featuring their biggest critic of late—Seattle Times columnist David Brewster.… Continue reading

Cleaning house?

Will I stay or will I go?That's what Seattle's top 21 nonelected city officials, in charge of everything from the Fire Department to Seattle Center,… Continue reading

Click Here for Revenge!

Pissed off about impeachment? Channel your anger over the Internet and throw the bums out.

Common cents

To the surprise of no one, last year's mayoral election proved Seattle's most expensive ever.That fact comes courtesy of Washington state's campaign disclosure laws, which… Continue reading

Composer nabbed, piano saved

What started as a Day of Music turned into a bizarre confrontation. New music composer/performer Mark Taylor-Canfield, an outspoken critic of the city's policies regarding… Continue reading

Confessions and disclosures of a community hack

I was a twentysomething community journalist.And what makes that a bold statement? Well, nobody sets out to be a "community journalist"; writers view neighborhood non-daily… Continue reading

Cool runnings

Look what Chris Bayley's got going for him in his Senate bid: money, style, experience. He's just running in the wrong decade.

Council: Unsound logic

There's an enduring, though probably apocryphal, Seattle political story about a bunch of Democrats discussing a school bond proposal. One Democrat jokingly likens the school… Continue reading

Councilmen, spare those trees

After the first round of public meetings on the future of the Cedar River Watershed, advocates of a no-cut timber policy for the city's forest… Continue reading

Countdown to Tukwila

Clever political maneuvering or total break with reality? You be the judge as the Seattle Olympics-in-exile bid committee takes its game to the next level… Continue reading

Are these people dancing?

Courthouse dance

JAMPAC's fight to overturn the Teen Dance Ordinance moves forward.

Are these people dancing?



Creek found, mall delayed

In a startling development, a judge found Thornton Creek hidden under a parking lot near Northgate Mall.OK, maybe not so startling. Much public money has… Continue reading

Criminalizing dance

Is the city trying to put Seattle clubs out of business?

Cupboard bare

Our past good times are killing us.Last week, Mayor Greg Nickels held his first press conference. The topic was the sorry state of city revenues—and… Continue reading

Damn everything, including the circus

Note to City Hall visitors: Don't worry about those circus animals, but watch out for the Seattle City Council's legislative pit bulls.When new members Judy… Continue reading