Philip Dawdy

Broke as a Smoke

Powerful state legislators explore ditching the 25-foot rule as barkeeps struggle to weather a butt-free recession. By Philip Dawdy


Safety Dance

Crosswalks and strip joints: one and the same for Mayor Micromanage.


The L-Word

Libertarian candidate Bruce Guthrie says what Cantwell can't.


The Last Boy Scout

Husky football coach Tyrone Willingham keeps press and public at arm's length—which might be the best thing for his embattled program.

The Phantom Menace

The secret life of Seattle's most famous Star Wars enthusiast

Wet & Mild

A trip inside Eastlake's much-ballyhooed drunk residence.

‘Finally, Something Being Done’

The state yanks medical licenses in a cult case.

‘Washing of the Brain’

A new allegation surfaces in the already strange story of the New Gnostic Church.

2004 Hempfest Highlights

This annual marijuana-law-reform rally, now in its 13th year, is about more than just going to the park and getting stoned with 175,000 of your… Continue reading

A Choice Ruling

The Seattle Times wins a battle in court, but its war with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer will continue.

A Deputy’s Strange Views

On a video about clairvoyance, a King County cop invokes his status as a sworn officer.

A Fight to Know

Police and prosecutors are seeking to keep secret data showing racial disparity in Seattle drug arrests.

A Goal: Homes for 9,500

Creating permanent housing for all of King County's homeless is one big challenge. Helping people learn to survive on their own is another.

A Man Under the Influence

After a near-death experience, Alejandro Escovedo returns, cleaner than ever and just as hungry.

A Messy Race for Sheriff

Although Sue Rahr is in the spotlight, all three candidates have explaining to do.

A Suspect Roundup

They vandalize, they're disruptive, and they intimidate. But are animal-rights activists practicing terrorism?

A Union Shop on Every Block

As baristas seek to organize, the feds cite Starbucks.

Already, a Hot Campaign

Bush and Dean come to the Northwest, and the passion is palpable.

Always a Crisis, Never a Solution

Again, state cuts threaten King County services for indigent mentally ill people.

And You May Kiss the Priest

While Catholic priests who abuse children get all the headlines, 22,000 have quietly left the active clergy to get married. The church wants nothing to do with them.