Erica C. Barnett

¡Muy Auténtico!

A Texan's ruminations on Seattle's salsa.


28 Days Left

The monorail still faces hurdles to reach the ballot.


A Man’s World

A look at women's "contented" lives under the Taliban.


A mule or a leader?

The debate over Greg Nickels' ability to be mayor.

A Very Veggie Christmas

How to satisfy guests at a green holiday feast.

Ain’t it quaint

A New York girl braves the boonies.

Attention, Holiday Shoppers

A view of Christmas from behind the cash register.

Austin à la Eastside

Z'Tejas has come a long way from its funky origins.

Ballot congestion

Politicians may ask the voters for $20 billion in new taxes.

Barbecue With Frills

The trimmings may be fancy, but the main dish is mainstream.

Beauty in Ruin

With its Western grit and enduring Native American heroine, this strong debut novel reads like a modern-day fairy tale—just don't expect a prince to make things perfect.

Breast in show

GOT A HANKERING to let it all hang out next Mardi Gras? Better think twice—those three seconds in the spotlight could cost you up to… Continue reading

Bug trouble

Will clearcuts and pesticides solve pest problems?

Building consensus

AFTER WEEKS of tense debate, the Seattle City Council's lopsided vote Monday approved an $86 million low- income housing levy ballot proposal that, in the… Continue reading

Bus battles

Drunks, "Sleepers," and Assault - a Day in the Life of Metro.


CITY COUNCILCity Council President Peter Steinbrueck says the issue of who will make decisions about the monorail is far from settled. Although council members Richard… Continue reading


The monorail campaign just keeps getting fatter. With one month to go before the November election, Rise Above It All (RAIA) has raked in around… Continue reading


STATE SENATEWhen the new Republican-led Senate announced its committee assignments last week, one message was clear: More highways, and less environmental protection, are at the… Continue reading


CAPITOL HILLThe Harvard-Belmont Landmark District, which twists and winds among the stately homes that cluster on north Capitol Hill, was designated in 1980 to help… Continue reading


If losing a third of her staff wasn't bad enough—aide Mariette Spence reportedly just got the ax—Judy Nicastro suffered another blow last week, this time… Continue reading