Water rights wrong?

Is King County worsening salmon's plight for Paul Allen's golf course?


The M's go to the well—literally.

We Are Coup-Less

A friend of mine founded and ran a successful small business, employing 100 people. Recently, he sold his interest, and he is using his new… Continue reading

We Aren’t Making This Up

News events of note for the week of Jan. 25-31.

We aren’t the world

Seattle residents are exhibiting their traditional fear of world-class again, as the city's plan for the Washington Park Arboretum makes its tortured way through the… Continue reading

We bombed in Seattle

I didn't wait till the WTO came to town, the nitroglycerin arrived from Canada, or the year turned to launch my terrorist career. My target… Continue reading

We lost a queen

Anci Koppel would have objected to being compared with royalty. She didn't have a nonegalitarian bone in her body—politically, that is. But Anci, in her… Continue reading

We Mourn and We Warn

Comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable: A local Woman in Black explains herself.

We Pick ‘Em

Seattle Weekly's choices for the Nov. 5 general election ballot.

  • Oct 9, 2006

We Told Them So. Now What?

EIGHT MONTHS AGO, tens of thousands marched in Seattle, and so did tens of millions around the world, hoping to forestall an invasion of Iraq.… Continue reading

We’ll Always Have Paris

Mar. 2-8, 2005

We’re No. 1!*

* In curling.

We’re No. 13!

A mere state championship will have to suffice for nationally overrated Rainier Beach High School.

We’re only in it for the money

Calling high-tech "libertarians" on their lack of conscience.

We’ve all had it: the sickening feeling that comes as you realize

We've all had it: the sickening feeling that comes as you realize that instead of zipping across I-90 in minutes, your impulsive highway choice means… Continue reading

  • Oct 9, 2006

We’ve Got the Wrong Guy

It's something of a stretch to proclaim Karl Rove, the Machiavellian political adviser to President Bush, innocent. But in this case, he just might be.… Continue reading

Weapons of Mass Decibel

Send listings two weeks in advance to braincity@seattleweekly.com.Exhibit of Photographs This two-week Seattle Center exhibit, which contains 59 portraits of people supported by the Department… Continue reading

Weapons of Mass Improvisation

The roadside bomb has mass appeal among insurgents and is having a massive impact.

Weary watchdogs

The Civic Foundation is plagued by debts and poor election prospects.