Geov Parrish

‘There Is No War on Terror’

An interview with Noam Chomsky.


10 things Gary Locke could do if he had a spine!

DEAR GARY,OK, we know you're up for reelection this fall. And so far you've been pretty popular, owing to your reluctance to do anything unless… Continue reading


2005 Media Follies!

Welcome to my 10th year of selecting the year's most overhyped and underreported stories. There's plenty to unravel: stories that should never have been stories,… Continue reading


8 Mile’s Lie

EVERY GENERATION has its 8 Mile, the widely acclaimed new movie by rap star Eminem.Mine was Purple Rain, a 1984 movie starring Prince in a… Continue reading

A bedtime story

(Warning: may not be suitable for younger children or fuzzy-wuzzy liberals.)Once upon a time, in a land that used to have a lot of trees,… Continue reading

A bitter pill

I am opposed to abortion.That simple statement will usually, especially among political progressives, end a conversation. But it should be only a beginning. And in… Continue reading

A Christmas Made in China

Ho, ho, ho, my ass. It's not that I don't want to be in the Christmas spirit. Quite the opposite. I like Christmas, Peace on… Continue reading

A Democracy Worth Reclaiming

An interview with former ambassador to Iraq Joseph Wilson. He's down on our foreign policy but upbeat about America.

A Dirty Job

TO GET AN IDEA of just how wretched a job newly nominated Utah Gov. Michael Leavitt would do if confirmed as President Bush's choice to… Continue reading

A diversionary tactic

Rarely has an idea moved so quickly from the political loony lands to received truth. Two months ago, the bald fact that the costly 20-year-old… Continue reading

A dozen rays of hope

MEMBERS OF THE media (me included) are most often caught up in what's wrong with the world and with Seattle. But there are plenty of… Continue reading

A guy thing

There are days when I'm embarrassed to be a guy. Like the day a couple of weeks ago on which a 50-year-old Harborview nurse, Gertrudes… Continue reading

A junkie’s confession

SOMETIMES, even with a national story, I can know with certainty that public figures or media reports are full of it because my personal experience… Continue reading

A Legacy of Truth

Interviewing Helen Thomas is sort of like preparing dinner for a world-renowned chef. It's a tad intimidating. It's hard to get around the knowledge that… Continue reading

A legend reclaimed

FIFTY YEARS AGO this week, an internationally renowned star stood on the back of a flatbed truck in Whatcom County and talked and sang. And… Continue reading

A March Off Capitol Hill

Charlette Lefevre does not mince words: "The pride march has been stolen. It's been quietly stolen." The target of her ire is the all-volunteer Seattle… Continue reading

A matter of faith

When terror struck, Americans turned to religion for guidance and strength. Then what?

A Mom vs. Apple Pie

It's the most remarkably effective political protest in memory. Three weeks ago, Cindy Sheehan was just another mourning mom who had lost a son to… Continue reading

A Naderite for Kerry

It's no time for idealism. Choose the lesser of two evils.

A new kind of radio

The pirates are coming! The Federal Communications Commission's recent decision to license noncommercial low-power FM or "pirate" radio stations heralds a new kind of medium,… Continue reading