Amsterdam’s Space Cakes have become world-famous due to their potency; plenty of

Amsterdam’s Space Cakes have become world-famous due to their potency; plenty of tourists have returned home with fond memories of being as high as they’ve ever been (and, of course, a few complainers who think they got too high). For a little taste of Amsterdam wrapped in aluminum foil — considerably cheaper, at $10, than a ticket to the Netherlands — you can try one of the Hash Brownies from the Green Collar Club in Tacoma.Budtender Jonathan told me that Green Collar’s Hash Brownies are based on the same basic recipe used for Amsterdam’s Space Cakes, with enough hashish infused into the brownie to leave no doubt as to its medical efficacy. I was a little skeptical, as always, because my daily pain- and nausea-control regimen of both cannabis flowers and medibles has elevated my tolerance to the effects of marijuana.Fresh, moist, tasty, and potentI needn’t have worried, when it comes to Green Collar Club’s Hash Brownie. It was entirely worth my 10 bucks, and in fact, next time I visit Green Collar, I intend to donate for a couple more of them. There’s no label, no ingredients, and no dosage information on this thing, but I can definitely tell you it worked very well.About an hour after eating the brownie (which was quite fresh, moisty and tasty; Green Collar keeps ’em wrapped in both foil and plastic wrap, and refrigerated), the effects started to become quite evident, with the brownie’s dose of cannabinoids noticeably making itself known with a pleasant body stone and deep relaxation. My limbs felt as if they weighed twice as much as normal, and walking around felt a little as if the air were thick as water — and I liked it, especially because there was also an absence of any pain. The effects stuck around for a good three-plus hours, too, leaving me one satisfied patient.You’ll need to ask for your Hash Brownie at the Green Collar Club; as I mentioned, they keep them out of sight in a refrigerator, not in the display case. You can find Green Collar Club at 10422 Pacific Ave. S., Suite B, in Tacoma, telephone 253-267-0675. You’ll need Washington ID and medical marijuana authorization to