Marijuana brownies are the traditional, time-honored staple of cannabis-infused cooking. They are

Marijuana brownies are the traditional, time-honored staple of cannabis-infused cooking. They are the medible with which everyone, even Aunt Esta, has heard of, and maybe even tried. But today’s modern pot brownies are a far cry from the crunchy, grassy-tasting ones enjoyed in dorm rooms nationwide in decades past. For one thing, modern cannabis brownies usually don’t contain vegetable matter; they are normally made from concentrates such as cannabutter or hash oil. And, more and more often, dosage information is included on the label — another innnovation which has been facilitated by the use of cannabis concentrates in the cooking process.Dosage information is a very good thing, chiefly for patient empowerment reasons: Knowledge is power when it comes to using cannabis to treat yourself for pain, nausea and anxiety, and the repeatability and reliability of relief is key. That’s why it’s such a good thing that Happy Cakes Chocolate Brownies, which I found at Wallingford’s Truly Helpful Collective, include this info on the label: “Each Brownie contains approx. 80 mg of P.G.H.O. [Pharmaceutical Grade Hash Oil) from the cannabis strain Blue Dream.” Two brownies are included in the $10 package.I hope this type of labeling information — dosage as well as strain(s) used — becomes the standard in the medical marijuana industry. It doesn’t take a math wiz to figure out that if PGHO is typically 75 percent THC (the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis), you’re ingesting about 60 milligrams of THC with each brownie.Obvious care has gone into the selection of the ingredients. Not just sugar but “cane sugar,” not just chocolate but “Belgian chocolate,” not just eggs but “Omega 3 eggs,” not just flour but “unbleached flour,” not just salt but “sea salt” — this is definitely a medible that Seattle can love.While the label lists a serving size as “1/4 Brownie” — and advises patients to eat 1/4 to 1/2 a brownie, and wait an hour to check results before ingesting more — if you are a seasoned patient with a tolerance to medibles, my advice is to go ahead and eat both brownies. That’s what I did, and relief became noticeable after the aforementioned hour.Yet another great feature of the Happy Cakes label is that it has both a “Process Date” (mine was made on 10/20/2012) and an expiration date (mine was 01/20/2013), so that you can know exactly how fresh it is before buying or consuming the treats.I found my Happy Cakes Chocolate Brownies at Wallingford’s Truly Helpful Collective, 4423 Corliss Ave. N., Seattle, telephone 535-6085.

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