It wasn’t hard to tell that Trees Collective had only been open

It wasn’t hard to tell that Trees Collective had only been open for one day when I stopped by on a recent Saturday. While complimentary snacks and water were available, the reception area had a distinctly unfinished feel to it. The space was functional, but not yet fully decorated.The same was true of the budroom: Trees didn’t yet have any medibles in stock on their second day of business. But what they did have was 15 strains of cannabis flowers, and three helpful guys — Ross, Sam, and Brandon — who showed me through the marijuana menu. Most of Trees’ strains are priced at either $11 or $12 a gram, with a couple of $7 bargain strains, a $9 hybrid (Dairy Queen), and a $15 indica (Grand Daddy Purple) rounding out the selection.After eyeballing and smelling nealy every strain in the place — and approvingly noting the knowledge Ross, Sam and Brandon had about each — I finally selected a $12 sativa, Lemon Cream; Amsterdam Indica for $10; a $12 hybrid, Reserve Arrow; and a bargain strain, the $7 hybrid Affy Skunk.Lemon Cream — I’m guessing Lemon Skunk x Ice Cream — is a comely strain of cannabis. Its refreshing citrusy bouquet and alert, functional high make it desirable morning medicine if you plan on accomplishing shit, and the tart taste makes it a pleasure to toke.Reserve Arrow’s beautiful, heavily trichomed flowers have a subtle essence of lilac and curryAmsterdam Indica represents the other end of the scale: Unless you have a herculean tolerance, you want to save these sweet-smelling, pillowy flowers for your last smoke of the night. Budtender Sam put it aptly when he said, “Don’t smoke this if you plan on staying awake until the end of the movie.” Amsterdam is effective against pain, as well as being a great sleep aid.Reserve Arrow, as a hybrid, is suitable for both daytime and nighttime medicating. Its beautiful, heavily trichomed flowers have a subtle essence of lilac and curry, and provide quick appetite stimulation as well as long-lasting pain relief. For what it’s worth, I ran out of this strain first, because I found myself going back to it again and again.Then there was the bargain strain, Affy Skunk. The first part of its name had me wondering if any Afgoo genetics were in the mix, but the dense, tight flowers didn’t appear at all similar to Afgoo. Rather than possessing that strain’s oversized sugar leaves and sweet bouquet, Affy Skunk was all calyxes, with just a hint of skunky smell. The bottom line: It’s worth $7 a gram, but certainly not up to the standards of the $11 and $12 stuff.If you’re a concentrates fan, don’t miss a great deal on “The Void” hash oil, available for just $25 a gram. And there’s a good selection of glass pipes in a display case of their own. There are only three parking spaces in front of Trees Collective’s storefront in the Greenwood neighborhood, but there’s additional parking in back.tokesignals@seattleweekly.comTrees Collective, 10532 Greenwood Ave. N., 953-9935Open 10-9 Mon.-Sat., 11-7 Sunday