Sometimes I’ll be in a medical marijuana access point, and I’ll spot

Sometimes I’ll be in a medical marijuana access point, and I’ll spot a medible that — whether because of the munchies from my extensive cannabis usage, or maybe due to the innate beauty of the food item itself — I find simply irresistible. Whether or not the thing will actually get me stoned becomes secondary; I simply must have that little $5 piece of heaven. Such was the case over the weekend when I visited Nice Guys Management, a puzzlingly named dispensary in Tacoma. While there were only four varieties of medibles on the counter, all four looked good, and the Medicated Turtle Brownie (no labeling, so I can’t give a brand name) looked downright alluring.Looks weren’t deceiving in this case, unlike some other recent experiences. This brownie was fresh, most, and paradisical… yes, its toothsome sticky sweetness left many of its more labeled, documented sisters to shame. But. It sure would’ve been nice to have some information, as in who made the damn thing should I decide to experience more of their creations — and as in the amount of cannabis included.In any event, I found it at Nice Guys, and yes, about an hour after ingestion, I felt the warm buzzing glow of cannabinoid supplementation become noticeable (though I could easily have used another brownie, judging by my level of effects).You can visit Nice Guys at 11457 Pacific Ave., Suite 8, in Tacoma. They’re open from 10 to 10 every day except from 11 to 8 on Sundays; for more information call (253) 531-8051.tokesignals@seattleweekly.comSteve Elliott runs Toke Signals (, an irreverent, independent blog of cannabis news and opinion.