Three of ’em came in this little pack, but by the time

Three of ’em came in this little pack, but by the time I shot this pic, they had already taken one casualty.?”Do one thing and do it well,” goes the old adage, and there’s some validity in it. I was reminded of this recently when visiting the Northwest Cannabis Market in White Center.Most of the tables had a variety of items, but as I made my way around the market, I came to a table with rows and rows of one thing: Little dinner-mint sized cannabis caramels, each with a nice little marijuana leaf emblazoned on top.”I only have one thing, and everyone else has a variety — that’s killing me,” Nate, the creator of these treats, told me at the market. But for those patients who were smart enough to check out Nate’s table that day, there were treasures to be discovered.Nate said one of the caramels is an adequate dose for most folks, but I chose to eat two. I have an elevated tolerance to cannabis, due to the large doses required for pain control — especially necessary to be able to sleep at night. But two of the caramels broke right through that tolerance quite nicely, indeed.Om nom nom.?There’s no brand name, no fancy printed packaging, no website, and apparently damn little distribution (God, how I love this business). But I gotta tell you: These little treats aren’t just beautiful; they’re delicious and potent.”So how am I supposed to find the damn things?” you may rightly be asking.Well, there is, at least, an address you can email for more details: Tell Nate that Incredible Medibles sent you.Or of course, you can do as I did and visit the Northwest Cannabis Market (which happens every Saturday and Sunday, 11 to 5, at 9640 16th Ave. S.W.) and look for the table with a bunch of little round caramels with marijuana leaves on top.You’ll thank me later.Incredible Medibles wants to review your cannabis-infused food items. E-mail Elliott edits Toke of the Town, Village Voice Media’s site of cannabis news, views, rumor and humor.

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