Strange Sound: The Expert

In 1947—a pilot sees strange discs over Rainier…

Comix Diary #3

Cartoonist Tom Van Deusen whines to Seattle Weekly and gets a new assignment.

Intersection: A True Story

The dark, cascading thoughts an unnecessary interaction sent through one mother’s mind.

Night Mayor Begins

Homelessness doesn’t stand a chance when Mayor Murray dons the cape of justice.

Comix Diary #2

Cartoonist Tom Van Deusen takes his courageous, anti-fascist art to the streets.


Microeconomics at work on the street.

Tall Tales of the Emerald City: Glassybaby Origin Stories

Where the candle holders’ fanciful name and color combos (may) have come from.

A Trail On Mt. Si

In North Bend, weird ruminations during a search for the right trailhead.

Comix Diary #1

In the first part of our series, Tom Van Deusen earnestly re-evaluates his artistic intentions in a Post-Trump world.

Waiting For #2

Poor ol’ Garf is having a rough commute today.

Amanita Claus

Do modern Christmas symbols come from a sacred Siberian shamanic mushroom? There’s a strong case.

Seattle’s Circulatory System

Notes from a seasonal mail truck driver.

Sound on the Sound

Seattle sea-life rings in the new year.

Notice of Proposed Land Invasion

In a world where literally everything is under construction…

Strange Sound: The Ballad of Carlos Bulosan

The Seattle immigrant who wrote one of the U.S.’ most powerful books on labor and Filipino identity.

The Evergreen State

Washington’s landscape is green both with botanical verdance and nuclear gnarliness.

A Survival Guide to Seattle’s Winter Months

Stay wet and woke (until your giant chrysalis is prepared for your metamorphosis).

December to Remember

Sometimes, when the holiday season comes around, we forget the important things…

Out in the Sticks

A former Seattle artist who left for Bremerton, then Clallam Bay, reflects on urban vs. rural life.

Confronting Racism: It’s An Ongoing Activity

Working towards civil rights and social justice is an everyday effort—here’s a few ways to engage.