The Beauty of Spring

Love is in the air! As well as a lot of other stuff.

In the Fields of Gold

A Serbian comic artist stumbles upon a forgotten bit of Seattle history from 100 years ago.

Night Mayor VS. The Youth Jail

With pressure from prison abolitionists, Murray finds himself in a pickle. But when he dons the cape?


As they say, history is always bound to repeat itself—even if you travel through it.

A Name I Call Myself

A winding visit to a legal clinic turns into an unexpected moment of togetherness.

Rats With Wings

Poor ol’ Garf’s just trying to enjoy a day on the town…

Sewage Spewage

On Feb. 9, 260 million gallons of Seattle’s sludge gushed out into the Puget Sound.

Go Hard or No Home

A Seattle couple’s journey into our truly surreal housing market.

The Parking

One man’s descent into madness, searching for that which does not exist.


The first installment in our new series on bad boys examines what bad boys really want.

How to Do a Backflip on a Hoverboard-Thingy

If your hoverboard hasn’t been recalled as a potential fire hazard yet, check out this trick tutorial!

Tall Tales of the Emerald City: Craigslist Goth House

‘Twas 2015 when the legendary Georgetown “Gothic Mansion… 420 friendly” Craigslist ad appeared…

Dog Poops of Seattle

Our dog walker/cartoonist catalogues all the different varieties of puppy turds she’s encountered.

That Guy

Without fail, there’s always that one guy at readings during the final Q&A portion…

The Van Deusen Files: Real World Seattle

MTV may have stopped filming, but as our cartoonist’s explosive exposé reveals, the cast never left.


A trans man’s tale of how Seattle might not be the progressive utopia you think it is.

Clichéd But True

Many Seattle Womxn’s Marchers saw the two eagles fly overhead, but where did they go afterwards?

Strange Sound: Encounters

After his own sighting, Kenneth Arnold investigated numerous UFO sightings around Washington for the feds.

Actual Facts: A Seattle Weekly Special Report

A patriot self-investigates some of Donald Trump’s shady dealings via the interwebs.

Coffee Lease

If buying a cup of coffee were like paying for rent.