Barfin’ With Garf

Garf’s gotten sloppy again and had a few too many.

Seattle Cemetery

Even in death, municipal pride shines through.

Affordable Housing Now! (And Somewhere Else!)

When will someone do something (elsewhere) about this crisis!

Drip Tips

A thrifty illustrated guide to Seattle’s cheapest 16 oz. cups of coffee.


Eventually, you get used to living underwater.

Kshama Sillies!

Three wacky adventures with Seattle’s favorite socialist.


The well-cultured man owns a single pair of boots.

Tall Tales of the Emerald City: Dr. Linda Hazzard’s Miracle Cure

In the early 1900’s, an eerie Olalla, WA quack doctor’s starvation diets killed countless believers.

Grogo Runs for City Council

Grogo’s innovative policy platform is exactly what Seattle needs.

No Show

Hey that band you like is coming to town!

Apollo 420

One small toke for man, one giant rip for mankind.

Scourge of the Earth

Dang kids ruin everything these days.

Justice & Dragons

A thrilling SJW RPG, starring a real social justice warrior.

My Amazon Interview

In this week’s feature comic, Jeff Bezos and Alexa put a would-be employee through the wringer.


Bro, you’ll never guess what happened at Candice’s the other night.

Strange Sound: The Needle

The dark side of the Space Needle’s history.

Tall Tales of the Emerald City: Axon’s Cosplayer Cop Tech

Giant spaceship blast doors? Check. Retinal scanners? Check. Storm Troopers? Check.

Noodle Knock-Down

Which of Seattle’s beloved noodle dishes will reign soup-reme in battle?

Refund, Please

An acute case of buyer’s remorse… and regular remorse.