Seth Goodkind

I ♥ Metal

In honor of Northwest Terror Fest, one comic artist extols on his lifelong love of metal aesthetics.


Strange Sound: The Needle

The dark side of the Space Needle’s history.


Strange Sound: Encounters

After his own sighting, Kenneth Arnold investigated numerous UFO sightings around Washington for the feds.


Strange Sound: The Expert

In 1947—a pilot sees strange discs over Rainier…

Strange Sound: The Ballad of Carlos Bulosan

The Seattle immigrant who wrote one of the U.S.’ most powerful books on labor and Filipino identity.

Strange Sound: The Everett Massacre

One-hundred years ago this week, Washington saw one of the bloodiest labor battles in its history.

On the Rocks

In 1978, a pilot crashed into the West Seattle bridge and kicked off a lurid murder.

The Right Man

The homicidal insurance salesman and the woman who loved him.

Strange Sound: The Steelheads

The baseball team you didn’t know Seattle had.

Samothrace’s Reverence to Doom

An illustrated interview with Seattle’s doom masters.

Left Behind

There is something deep down in Puget Sound that you don’t know about.