Katie Wheeler

Time Capsule

Explorers from space discover humble artifacts from Earth, circa 2017.


Seattle’s Best BBQ

Summer time is here—bust out your wet naps and check out the city’s choice BBQ spots.


So Rickety

Remembering the fleeting, neglected fancy of the Seattle Center Fun Forest amusement park.



Eventually, you get used to living underwater.


As they say, history is always bound to repeat itself—even if you travel through it.

Go Hard or No Home

A Seattle couple’s journey into our truly surreal housing market.

A Survival Guide to Seattle’s Winter Months

Stay wet and woke (until your giant chrysalis is prepared for your metamorphosis).

Still Standing

An impressionistic comic from last week’s Trump protests.

The Sacrifice

The season is upon us, but to receive the gift from the gods, we must first enact the sacred ritual.

Who R These PPL ; (

What kind of sicko feeds gross pigeons?

Eating Capitol Hill

A local comic artist takes you on a graphic culinary tour of her favorite neighborhood eats.

Crappucino: When Is it Okay to Use the Coffee Shop’s Bathroom?

A barista’s handy flow-chart for when that drip you drank is about to drip again.


Amid Seattle’s homelessness crisis, it’s easy to forget its victims’ humanity.

Beware the Spring Harpy

The scourge of misogynists everywhere.