Yesterday on our way home from a depressing, soggy day skiing Potato

Yesterday on our way home from a depressing, soggy day skiing Potato Buds at Stevens Pass, we hit up a taco truck in Kenmore, wedged into a gas station parking lot on the corner of Bothell Way NE and 80th Avenue NE. We arrived just in time to avoid the predictable post-skiing hunger implosion. A sign we took to be the business’s name read “Aca! Las Tortas!” (“Here! Sandwiches!”), but the menu had a long list of reliable taco truck fare also – tacos, burritos, flautas, enchiladas, etc. with carne asada, pollo, carnitas, and even some tongue, among the more interesting bits. Two hot, garlicky asada tacos with onions, cilantro, and lime went down easy with Aca!’s spicy salsa verde; I wished I’d ordered four. I stole my husband’s two-hander gut bomb of a burrito every time he had to shift (thank God for the manual transmission)–it had ideal ratios of queso fresco and rice to well-seasoned (though sometimes chewy) meat.

But I’m still not sure of the truck’s name. One in the same location named Taqueria el Taconazo existed when the P-I did a rundown in 2003, but it looks like the health department shut them down for “lack of safe, adequate hot water for hand-washing” just two months later.Does anyone know whether Aca! is owned by the same people? Good reporters from the Seattle taco truck blog, get back to work and give us the story, please!

Looked like a healthy set-up to me, but one can never be sure. (Isn’t that part of the charm?) Sure is a killer location for anyone on that route back from the Cascades. With dependably low taco truck prices, I know which way we’ll be coming home from now on.