Eric Scigliano

Greed is dumb

Just when you think the stratosphere's the limit on rents in this boomland, check out the latest survey by Seattle's Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors.… Continue reading

Grin and beer it

Surviving summer by the grace of local brewmasters.

Gunning amok

After Lonnie Davis' bloody rampage two weeks ago, I'm waiting for the NRA to cop a new slogan: "Guns don't kill people. Garden rakes kill… Continue reading

Harpooning conspiracies

Puncturing conspiracy theories about the Makahs.

Hatching trouble

Hatcheries scientists want to restock vanishing bottomfish. Some of their colleagues fear a salmon-style disaster.

He was not following orders

Here we go again. In the wake of Buford O. Furrow Jr.'s California shooting spree, the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, a.k.a. Aryan Nations, where… Continue reading

Hearing the call

What a great election for white, male fast-food-worker bookworms on chemo-therapy—and for Bill Clinton. And how d'ya like that Jay Inslee? Not only did he… Continue reading

High school haze

Yeah, yeah, I know, the last thing you want to hear is any more chin stroking about the Columbine High School shootings, now that Kosovo… Continue reading

High school: Tests and tribulations

KOSOVAR REFUGEES weren't the only hordes scrambling for berths early this month. Early on Saturday, June 5, thousands of local high school students were either… Continue reading

Homeland insecurity

Homeland insecurity

YOU HAVE TO wonder if the anthrax attacks are the work of homegrown far-right wackos rather than bin Laden brigades. Consider: These bioterrorists used the… Continue reading

Homeland insecurity
Hung out and hanging in

Hung out and hanging in

SIX MONTHS AFTER The Seattle Times settled with the Newspaper Guild, the lawsuits, grievances, and bad blood keep on flowing. Monday last week was supposed… Continue reading

Hung out and hanging in

Idea 4: Recycled Remodels



Musseling in

A live crab contemplates its fate at Ho Ho.

It’s the ID, Jake

Things are different in Chinatown.

A live crab contemplates its fate at Ho Ho.

Judging Aimless Killing

Some get hard time for fatal collisions, others get off easy.

Kelly's world

Kelly’s world

I'VE HEARD MANY who revere Harper's and The Atlantic from afar, and even a few folks who read them, confuse these two pillars of the… Continue reading

Kelly's world

Killer Logic

Feds say no, but their own findings give reason to list local orcas as endangered.

Kudzu to You

Kudzu to You

The invasive vine has landed in Washington.

Kudzu to You

Lessons of 1868

So, congressional Republicans have searched the Constitution and their souls and voted, to a man and woman, to start impeachment proceedings. This is Gingrichism's finest… Continue reading

A problem child?

Let Her Eat Dirt

Two months ago, Hansa, the Woodland Park Zoo's baby-elephant star, became a problem child and a cause c鬨bre. She'd been eating dirt again, as she… Continue reading

A problem child?