Eric Scigliano

Whale Madness

Whale Madness

And you thought tuna and swordfish were toxic mercury bombs? Next time in Tokyo, avoid the whale and dolphin sashimi—creepy delicacies that Japan insists on… Continue reading

Whale Madness

Whale tales

The surest way to get credit is to claim it, and who's better at that than Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society? Their… Continue reading

Whales and moans

A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic," said Stalin, who understood such things too well. Likewise whale deaths. When the… Continue reading

What did they think?

The transit workers who sued last week to overturn Initiative 695 won't be the last to go to court. Holders of soon-to-be-downgraded state and local… Continue reading

Mike Moore gets a new job.

Who’s Watching the Water?

What is the effect of the relationships between the Coast Guard's top brass and the shipping industry?

Mike Moore gets a new job.
Woodland Park Zoo gorillas at home in their naturalistic habitat.

Whose Zoo?

Woodland Park stumbles on the way to a more entertainment-oriented makeover.

Woodland Park Zoo gorillas at home in their naturalistic habitat.

Wonder boat

While the state, feds, and shippers wrestle over how to prevent an oil-spill catastrophe, a stopgap "windfall" solution appears.

Year of the frat brat

Everyone wants to put a tag on 1999, but what can you say about a year in which an empty-headed, nose-abusing drunken frat boy-turned-smarmy Bible… Continue reading

Yo lo Tenyo

Whoever heard of a government body saying, "No, don't give us the money, here's something better to spend it on"? But that's just what the… Continue reading

You gotta love it

Every time someone talks about how great SoDo—er, Safeco—Field looks, Iremember Thomas Carlyle, the cantankerous Scottish author of "The Everlasting No," and the dowager who… Continue reading