Eric Scigliano

The South Seattle Neighborhood That Sound Transit Forgot

The on-again, off-again history of the Graham Street light-rail station and the people who are still fighting for it.


Seattle in the ’80s: Big Tech and Boomtown Economics Arrive

An influx of talent and trouble quickly brings Seattle up to speed.


1975 all over again

It is a fable of oppression and betrayal. A Southeast Asian military regime amazes the world by letting an oppressed people vote on their future.… Continue reading


695 surprises

It was last January when I first talked to the engaging Tim Eyman, the cocreator (with car dealer Martin Rood) of Initiative 695, which would… Continue reading

A better car tax

Judging by the initiatives that get filed and passed, the most dire menace facing the good people of this state and country is . .… Continue reading

A bridge too far

Toll phobia and rural preservation block a cleaner, cheaper way to operate highways.

A bridge too near

NEGLECTING MOTHER Nature at the start just costs you more later on. That's what Dubya's fiercest opponents and some of his best friends are trying… Continue reading

A chronicle of sprawl foretold

How often do you hear folks howl about how we've been blindsided by growth—taken unawares by surging population, sprawl, and traffic? But that wasn't for… Continue reading

A dimmer beacon

Amazon's new campus would look great—if it didn't hide Seattle's last great architectural icon.

A Glass of Clouds and Dreams

Sake is the soccer of beveragesardently appreciated everywhere but America, yet always on the verge of making it stateside. Breakthrough seemed imminent back in the… Continue reading

A political circus

Seattle gets set to ban performing animals while Ringling Bros. tries to show a kinder, gentler circus.

A Private Drive

Backers of failed transportation Referendum 51 regroup—without greens who turned against their highway-heavy plan.

A thousand words

"I can finally sleep at night," says Don Hennick, the Seattle sculptor and Good Samaritan who was charged with purse-snatching in the Pike Place Market… Continue reading

A worm in the works

Could disasters loom as more and more pipeline operators switch to Windows NT?

AIDS charity: Patient search

THE GOOD NEWS: Thanks to safer sex, needle exchanges, and new drug therapies (not to mention death), the incidence of AIDS in King County has… Continue reading

All together now

WHERE I WENT to school, everyone had to read the same books, so I was thrilled when local lit-booster Nancy Pearl got all of Seattle… Continue reading


It seems a little retrograde, now that the markets have recognized as the e-world's Wal-Mart (or Nordstrom), to talk about the way it sells… Continue reading

America sticks

WAR HAS COME to the post office, and some East Coast media operators are hiding from the carrier the way they formerly hid from bill… Continue reading

Amnesia cycle

WHAT'S LOFTILY called "the national conversation" is more like a simmering pot of soup. Weighty matters and nutritious morsels sink to the bottom, out of… Continue reading

Annus horribilis

WE DIDN'T REALIZE it then, but when I last embarked on a column like this—on media, politics, popular culture, and the things they do to… Continue reading