We’re All Alright!

The planets and stars can’t tell you who’s going to win the election, but they can help you navigate the fallout.

Not seeing, still we know –

Not knowing, guess –

Not guessing, smile and hide

And half caress –

—Emily Dickinson

Now I know Election Day is Nov. 8, but I’m not going to be predicting the winner of the presidential race. I’m not that kind of witch. I believe the most practical use of astrology is to describe the overall energy in the air at specific times so folks can plan smarter and avoid snags. Astrology is about timing and cycles. Yes, some nights are better for throwing parties than others, but free will is always paramount.

I’m here to let you know if there’s a nasty moon rising, for instance, so you can have sympathy for other people’s snippiness and try your damnedest to choose kindness. Astrological descriptions and warnings are only invitations to stay aware. Worrying yourself with worst-case scenarios and getting seduced by space-based what-ifs is dangerous territory and best to avoid.

Scorpio season tends to crank up our suspicions and pessimism—as if we needed more of that this election season—so be careful not to needlessly accuse or alienate those you love.


Good planetary news: The heavy intensity of last week is lifting, letting us catch our breath this week as we transition into a new month. November looks to be a cool drink of water compared to October, yet the next two weeks of Scorpio season are still splattered with “opportunities” to sweat out our personal poisons and keep uncovering big truths. But we’re mostly past the peak purging of our outworn core beliefs and dramatic, fear-drenched reactions.

This week, clean-slate energy from the recent new moon in Scorpio mixes with planet Neptune’s misty idealism and imagination, making it a fine time to visualize what exactly we intend to build and how we’re going to progress and improve. Tiptoe toward your dream, even if you can’t yet see the finished result. So what if you stumble?


This week presents a swell opportunity to ride the waves of watery Scorpio feelings and quietly repair your inner vessel. However, because very few planets are currently in air signs, now’s not an ideal window for persuasive communication or clear writing. Attempting to change someone’s mind with words won’t work well for a while. Instead, tap into Neptune’s current influence and practice the brave art of surrender.

Neptune, planet of the oceans, also rules a Tarot card called The Hanged Man, which depicts a guy suspended upside down by a rope tied to his ankle. The Hanged Man is not dead; he’s just dangling from a tree like Houdini. He’s chilling out, processing emotions, and allowing epiphanies to strike.

Neptune and The Hanged Man suggest we shake up our perspective and drop the assumption that we know everything. Maybe challenge that same stale story you’ve been telling yourself (I’m unlovable, I’ll never be a caring partner, I’ll always be a cigarette smoker). Could there be another way? Consider mental alternatives this week. No, we can’t control other people or events, but we can control our actions. So release the illusion of total control and instead dissolve into the unknown possibilities of Neptune. Trust. Activities that can encourage this process include soaking in a salt bath, swimming indoors, sitting in a sauna, and relaxing in a hot tub or even hot springs. Water can truly assist with your inner cleansing and existential shifts.


On Wednesday, Nov. 2, Saturn meets with the Moon to help balance optimism with reality. Mercury and Pluto also will form a harmonious angle that will allow you to reflect on how you want to work smarter going forward. Expect to meet important people on Wednesday too—people who can help your future goals! On Thursday the 3rd, the moon is kind of wonky most of the day, so make progress on projects you’ve already started rather than beginning a new task. Friday the 4th is positive for career matters during the day and romance at night, especially romantic surprises. Saturday the 5th points out patterns you may not have seen before, allowing you to view an issue differently. Set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night, because standard time resumes early Sunday morning! Monday the 7th contains some pretty sweet windows of productivity. The following day, on Tuesday the 8th, Mars moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, so any amped-up Capricorns in your life will hopefully start to cool down.