This Is Not Fine

Speak up for yourself and embrace the discomfort.

“This is fine,” declares a hat-wearing cartoon dog calmly sipping coffee, even as flames engulf his table. You likely know exactly what image I am talking about. The fire-denial dog—drawn by KC Green for the webcomic Gunshow in 2013—blew up into a ubiquitous meme and has only grown more relatable with each passing news cycle. Remember that dog this week if you’re tempted to exhibit Libra’s shadow side: saying you’re cool with things that you’re definitely not cool with. See, Libra (current sign of the Sun, Jupiter, and, by Friday, Mercury) values social harmony so much that it often overlooks problems and even stays silent just to avoid conflict. But discomfort is not a dirty word. Confrontation is essential at times, and you can expect clashes of ideas or values this week. Not enraged fights (though there will be bursts of anger), but rather collisions of differences. Pluto is stationing direct on Thursday, which can make all our challenges right now feel even more consequential and overwhelming. Mercury and Saturn are also creating a sense that there’s too much to do and not enough time. Hang on a little longer! Control what you can and breathe out the rest.

Expect intricate, back-and-forth negotiations—especially about money and partnership expectations—all week. Stick with the process, even if the conversation gets sticky. Because foggy, nebulous Neptune is involved, details may shift rapidly: You may also feel more tired than usual. Keep clarifying specifics with others (“Can you repeat that? Sounds like you’re saying … Is that correct?”) and keep speaking your mind. Expecting the best or ignoring your personal concerns won’t help. Rather than smile and pretend everything’s peachy, practice saying, “This is not fine, actually.” It’s all right to honestly communicate your needs. Though now is not the best time to sign on dotted lines or enter into firm agreements, it is a good week for collecting information and weighing options.


Jupiter, in Libra, wants what’s best for the group. However, Uranus, in Aries, wants what’s best for the individual. On Wednesday these two planets will engage in a 180-degree stare-down called an “opposition.” It’s their third and final opposition like this since 2016, because Jupiter is leaving Libra and entering Scorpio on October 10. But for now: Their face-off could stir up ongoing relationship issues. Remember, a relationship isn’t limited to a person we love and kiss. We’re also in a working relationship with our employer, a familial relationship with our brother, etc. And with Uranus in the mix, we can brace for big shocks and sudden shakeups. Since Jupiter and Uranus are such large planets, their opposition could cause ripples that ruffle relationships all week. But you don’t have to hide from conflict! If what you want differs from what a partner or group wants, make use of the abundant Air-sign energy at play now, and talk it through.


Tension in partnerships could rise to the surface on (or a few days after) Wednesday the 27th because Jupiter is opposing Uranus. Plus, a quarter moon makes you exert extra effort to overcome obstacles. In the afternoon, watch out for words that hurt. Today is a great day to rearrange furniture or create some other observable change. Pluto stations direct on Thursday the 28th, delivering five more days of serious, big-deal “adjustments.” Though Pluto’s presence can feel like a backpack full of bricks, the doom will lighten by Tuesday. Really! People might be extra-argumentative today. On Friday the 29th Mercury enters Libra, sweeping away the dour clods of criticism that Mercury-in-Virgo tracked in. You may experience sticker shock or disappointment about money when Neptune stands across from Venus. Friday could make a good date night (if you remember your wallet!), but not an excellent time for finances. Although there’s a chance of an angry reaction or two on Saturday the 30th, there’s also opportunity for cooperation. It’s a fine day to make home improvements or tidy up your surroundings. On Sunday the 1st you’ll have to consider path pivots that will put you closer to the destiny you desire. Trust your gut to decide on the best move. The day is sprinkled with support and lasting solutions as well. Monday the 2nd has very positive potential and a creative, loving Pisces moon. By Tuesday the 3rd you can see resolution to previous problems, or even get the green light you’ve been waiting for.