Illustration by Taylor Dow

Illustration by Taylor Dow

Sweet Water

Positive trines continue to shine!

Cue the harp solos and rose petals, because more lovely trines are meeting us this week. Starting Friday, the sky rolls out rose-colored trines that last until Sunday, including a highly romantic—and potentially lucrative—Grand Water Trine. As the week begins, we’re still coming down from a vibrant Sagittarius full Moon on the 29th, so big truths continue to tap us on the shoulder. Because this weekend’s trine involves Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune, it will be easy to access creativity, spirituality, and emotional connection. Even money has a way of finding us during a trine like this. However, concentration will be a bit foggy throughout the week. The Moon is void for most (or all) of the day on the 30th, 2nd, and 4th. Void Moons are best for relaxing and daydreaming, but they’re not ideal for linear thinking or productivity. If you can, plan activities that require focus for times when the Moon is not void. Astrology is a practical scheduling tool. You don’t have to believe in it—or even understand how it works—in order to use its timing to your advantage.

This week’s trines are golden portals of opportunity. But simply knowing when they’ll happen is not enough. You still have to show effort and even—gasp!—vulnerability. That cute crush isn’t gonna realize you like them unless you communicate. Clients can’t discover your small business until you advertise your services. Express yourself now while Mercury is at the peak of its powers in Gemini, because next week Mercury goes out-of-bounds until late June (not as bad as a retrograde, but still annoying). Enjoy this glittery weekend of trines; by Tuesday the astro weather will take a stormy turn when Venus and Pluto growl at each other. So savor every drop of sweetness.

Grand Old Trine

Two planets in a 120-degree trine angle is good, but three planets in a trine—one at each point of an equilateral triangle—makes an extra special “Grand Trine.” And because this weekend’s Grand Trine involves planets in Water signs, it’s called a Grand Water Trine. Watery inspiration and feelings will be flowing. Psychic intuition will be strong too. Pay attention to dreams, coincidences, and little winks from the Universe that let you know you’re on the right track. Like a glass of red wine at a house party, this Grand Water Trine wants to lubricate your inhibitions so you can open up and form meaningful connections: to others, to your own creative potential, and to a divine force (however you define it). Say yes!

This gentle, uplifting trine helps us dissolve old emotional debris. Writers, musicians, and artists should find it easy to enter and stay in “the flow.” If you can’t work on creative projects, at least jot down notes of inspiration to return to later. With Neptune involved in this Grand Water Trine, you may accidentally overindulge (careful with mind-altering substances) or overlook possible problems. Hope and fantasy are fine, but stay in touch with reality and keep good boundaries too. The cleansing, emotional healing of this Grand Water Trine lasts long after the week ends.

You Can Planet

On Wednesday the 30th, sleep cycles and excitability are still at full Moon levels. Enthusiasm and swift realizations keep coming. Though Mercury is strong, the Moon is also void—all day. So talk through issues and think things over, but put off key decisions until tomorrow. Thursday the 31st may feel more serious and practical, due to a Capricorn Moon. In early evening the Cap. Moon conjuncts Saturn, which could prompt pessimism or a somber mood. Not to fret, because on Friday the 1st the solar system serves up delicious trines, starting when Mercury trines Mars in the morning, giving our thoughts and words extra oomph and clarity. Soon after, Venus and Jupiter create a Grand Water Trine. The gooey tenderness from this angle lasts until Monday. (We may see prominent #MeToo developments too.) Saturday the 2nd glitters with meaningful connection and creativity when Venus and Neptune get in on the Grand Water Trine. Make important contacts today and have consequential conversations. On Sunday the 3rd, the Moon is in clear-thinking Aquarius and trines Mercury, allowing you to examine your options and choose confidently. Later that day, the Sun and Moon form a harmonious trine that can assist us with our desires. On Monday the 4th, the Moon is void all day. It’s a time to chill out and decompress from the action-packed weekend. The Sun and Chiron make a positive aspect that can help with emotional or physical healing. Tuesday the 5th is rough. Venus and Pluto oppose each other, making money matters and social relationships difficult to navigate. Tomorrow will be thorny and confusing too.

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