Solar Power

Leo season closes with a calmer sky, and Mercury goes direct.

Bust out a bubbly beverage, because there are no more eclipses until January 2019! That’s right: zero eclipses for the rest of the year. Though you may still be sorting out insights from last week’s partial solar eclipse, there are no new eclipses a-brewin’. Personally, I’m so damn tired of all the lessons and reflection that this retrograde-heavy, triple-eclipse season has demanded of us earthlings. Yes, the eye-opening was necessary. But enough emotional intensity already! I’m pleased to report that this week’s astrology brings relief.

Guess who stops its retrograde motion on Saturday? Mercury! On Saturday night, Mercury will slow down to go direct. Though Mercury won’t clear its post-retro shadow zone until Sept. 1, a direct-moving Mercury ought to make communication and scheduling far smoother. And guess who finally goes direct next week? Mars! The sky’s tide is starting to turn. Now that doesn’t mean every forest fire will suddenly stop blazing, or that daily hassles will—poof!—disappear. It just means the current sky is becoming more conducive to personal progress. Less waiting, more doing. This week, a positive trine angle between Jupiter and Neptune is active from Friday until about Tuesday, reaching perfect alignment on Sunday. Under this trine’s influence, wishes get a boost of luck. Dreams and hopes (symbolized by Neptune) are supported and expanded by Jupiter, the magnifier. If you’ve been wanting to propose something big or obtain permission, pitch your great idea Sunday or on Monday before 5 p.m. Friday’s astrology looks good for strengthening partnerships too, but after Saturday, Mercury will be direct, so you’ll be better understood.


As Leo season winds down, we notice the late summer Sun’s changing angles of light. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system, the (literal) star of the show. Like the Moon, the Sun is a luminary, not a planet; therefore it never goes retrograde. Unlike the Moon, the extroverted Sun exudes energy rather than reflects. When people ask “What’s your sign?” they mean your Sun sign. Our Sun sign represents the self we show to the world, often through our career or public achievements. Sunlight gives life to Earth, and solar-ruled Leo is a creative force too; it’s the last blast of high heat and passionate action before Virgo’s closing-down season begins. Ambition, determination, and confidence are Leo qualities. Too much Leo/Sun energy can morph into domination and self-centeredness. When disappointed or offended, Leos can feel sorry for themselves and mope as hard as Water signs. Percy Bysshe Shelley, a Leo poet, wrote: “Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud! I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!” Cheer up, emo kid.

At its best, though, Leo uses its innate bravery to fight for ideals and powerfully lift up others, even if it doesn’t personally benefit. At the opposite end of the sky from Leo is Aquarius, a sign that’s also about individuality, yet concerned with groups of people and social justice. Most eclipses we’ve had in the past two years have occurred on this Leo/Aquarius spectrum: We’ve looked at our creative self (Leo) and social groups (Aquarius). Next year’s eclipses will draw our focus elsewhere. But this month we’re completing a two-year Leo/Aquarius syllabus that has asked us to take our talents seriously and view our creative work as the light that will remain once we’re physically gone. The Aquarius eclipses asked us to reconsider the groups we belong to, to evaluate who’s inside or outside our circle of trust.


On Wednesday the 15th, there’s a risk of getting into an argument. It’s also a good day to clean the house. You’ll want to adjust your typical patterns and strategies today. A Libra Moon makes us want to socialize and attend events. On Thursday the 16th, there’s another possibility of a squabble or exchange of heated words. A sensual Scorpio Moon lets you make psychological breakthroughs and uncover useful info. Your creative life asks for your attention today. On Friday the 17th, a positive aspect between the Sun and Pluto encourage you to take your talent seriously. A trine between the Sun and Juno encourages cooperation in partnerships. That lucky Jupiter/Neptune trine starts picking up steam today too. On Saturday the 18th, the Sun and Chiron promote self-healing and release. Expect to have a meaningful conversation that clarifies confusion about a mid-July situation. Mercury and Venus are interacting well, and at 9:25 p.m. Mercury stands still to go direct. Sunday the 19th is full of optimism, with an adventurous Sagittarius Moon and a lovely Jupiter/Neptune trine that supports our dreams. Shoot for the stars, but stay grounded in reality. Venus and Neptune show you which goals are worth pursuing and which goals need an update. Monday the 20th looks fabulous! A trine between the Sun and Moon enhances your ability to get stuff done. Use that Jupiter-Neptune trine energy before the Moon goes void at 4:47 p.m. Tuesday the 21st takes a serious, somber tone, due to the Capricorn Moon’s close contact with Saturn. Watch out for a disagreement or provocation, as the Sun and Mars are at odds.