Soft Water

Wading gently into Pisces season.

As an Aquarius Sun melts into gentle Pisces on Saturday morning, we are nearing the end of the zodiac year. (A new astrological year starts in early spring with Aries.) Think of this Pisces time as an ocean-like void where Ego dissolves into a collective soup of shared tears and joys.

Pisces, a mystical and spiritual water sign, is symbolized by two fish facing in opposite directions, connected by a golden cord. Connection is a key concept for Pisces, a highly empathetic sign that can wordlessly sense what others are feeling. In contrast to Aquarius’ cerebral, theoretical approach to social change, Pisces wants to directly support the mistreated and comfort the stressed by lending a tender ear or giving a heartfelt shoulder massage. Pisces believes that despite all the ugliness and evil, humans are also capable of good. The sign trusts in an unseen, timeless force that unites us with glowing threads of compassion and commonality. Pisces knows we’re never really alone.

Sometimes the oneness is overwhelming. Boundaries can blur now, leaving you unsure of what is your responsibility and what is another person’s journey to take. Respect individual differences. Even being in crowds can feel draining, because you’re absorbing other people’s emotions. Ask for alone time or take a couch-and-quilt night if you need to process stuff by yourself. As with all water signs, expect more tears, quick-shifting moods, and heavy sighs during Pisces season. With a Pisces sky, we might be tempted to seek escapism if we get waterlogged with too many feelings. Common Pisces vices include: leaning a little too hard on alcohol or mind-altering substances or numbing out with naps, fantasy worlds, film, video games, and intricate D&D campaigns. Imagination is great, and Pisces time is a wonderful window for songwriting and creative endeavors. But balance is key. Float away a bit, then return to dry land and deal with reality.

With so many planets in fire signs now, the Sun in Pisces could cool all the volcanic anger and ire out there. The water sign coaxes us to slow down, get softer, and listen. Pisces is a very psychic sign that not only feels the pain and pleasure others are presently experiencing, but also is able to visualize what may come. These psychic tendencies will only amplify the already-eerie space between two eclipses, where we now find ourselves.


Similar to the way that Halloween (Samhain) thins the veil separating the seen and unseen worlds, this period between two eclipses allows odd yet clear symbols to find us in strange ways. Messages reach us through dreams. A song comes on the radio and speaks directly to us. Our intuition is working overtime. By reading the cryptic signs, we sense exactly what we need to do. This week, eclipse-related wisdom and insights continue to rain down and clear our eyes of dust so we can see better.

As we build up to the second (and final) eclipse of February on the 26th, we’re in a prime place to practice deep release. Let go of physical things, shed old beliefs, drop unhelpful habits, and revise outdated connections now. Though Pisces wants to focus on a person’s positive potential, it’s important that we don’t silently accept disrespectful behavior now. Don’t allow anyone to deplete your resources, patience, and energy if they can’t show up for you and reciprocate. Support those who support you too. Kindness and understanding are important, but so is self-protection.


Wednesday the 15th offers commitment opportunities and partnership focus. From Wednesday night until the morning of Friday the 17th, a Scorpio moon sets the stage for hot intimacy. Get it on! On Thursday the 16th you’ll want to take action and create, because there’s fertile energy and opportunities abound. On Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th you may hear discouraging news or participate in reactive, angry explosions. Take a breath and think before you speak. Sunday the 19th asks us to compromise, negotiate, and be aware of imbalanced power dynamics. Monday and Tuesday allow for practical and productive actions. (Fair warning: Though Wednesday the 22nd occurs next week, I want you to know it’s astrologically gnarly. Might be the toughest day of the month. Schedule accordingly.)