Press Pause

Mars is angry, the full Moon is serious, and Venus is moving on.

“Someday girl, I don’t know when

We’re gonna get to that place

Where we really wanna go

And we’ll walk in the Sun

But till then …”

—Bruce Springsteen, “Born to Run”

A Mercury retrograde is rough enough, but a retrograde while Mercury is in Aries, during Aries season?! That’s a recipe for frustration. It’s like you’re revving your engine at the starting line, with a full gas tank and an itch to accelerate, but—surprise!—you’ve also got a flat tire. In similar slow-down news, Saturn is working overtime to make sure the actions we choose are responsible and grounded. No cutting corners, no shouting cruel insults you can’t take back. With Mercury in Aries, our words are more powerful (and combative) than we realize. Your “just being honest” may come across as blunt and careless, so think before you blab. This morning my dad was so excited to describe a film to me that he blurted out a huge spoiler. (Thanks, Daaad!) On Saturday I abruptly informed my friend that her mascara was smudged, and I instantly regretted it. (Sorry, Kimberly!) Mars is also “out of bounds” until April 7, intensifying tempers and tempting you to send that mean email. Of course you’re always free to express your truth and even burn bridges. Saturn is just reminding us all that our choices have consequences. Take a walk and clear your head.

Big revelations are occurring all week too. Mercury retrogrades are notorious for revealing new information about the past, and planet Uranus is also making splashes. With planet Venus heavily involved, the info we uncover likely pertains to relationships or money. On the 28th Venus collides with Uranus, sending shocks—or drastic changes—to our love or financial life. Then on the 30th, Venus leaves Aries and enters Taurus. In Taurus, Venus is happy, less aggressive, and more concerned with sufficient resources (food, cash) and physical pleasures (beauty, sex). But Venus’ shift will bring bumps and test our unions. No matter what you discover this week, though, it’s not the wisest time to make final decisions. This is a week for private, internal consideration. Saturday’s full Moon will help you process facts and feelings. You can choose later, when you’re truly ready.


A full Moon in Libra usually supports social gatherings and celebrations, but Saturday’s full Moon in Libra isn’t exactly party time, excellent. This full Moon is forming a tense “T-square” with Mars and Saturn. These two planets will bring any sloppy or unfinished work to your attention for a redo. Tension and irritation will be palpable too. A Libra full Moon puts relationship health under the spotlight, coaxing us to confront issues of fairness. With Saturn’s influence, we can show intelligent restraint and take responsibility in a diplomatic way. The whole “my needs versus our needs” dance we’ve been doing since Pisces season will continue. Since Mercury is practically touching the Sun during this full Moon, we can expect important communication, even if the right words are hard to find. This lunar event exposes sticky details (possibly related to past topics or projects) to give you a fuller understanding of the present. Just remember that you might not be seeing the complete picture yet. Facts are still emerging, and there’s also a risk of misunderstanding or being misunderstood. So tread lightly.


Wednesday the 28th has us saying, “Wow! Whaaaat?!” when Venus and Uranus collide and cause a shock. Though there’s positive potential for collaborating with others, there’s also disappointment in the air today. A Virgo Moon (that lasts until Thursday night) helps you complete tasks and organize or clean. On Thursday the 29th the Sun and Saturn create a challenging square that could pause progress or make you feel like time and resources are limited. But by the evening you can shift your attention toward what you do want to create. Don’t give up on your dream! Friday the 30th is busy and buzzing with activity. You’ll need to make adjustments and stay open to plan B (or C) all day. In late evening, Venus enters Taurus until April 24. This transition by Venus stirs up the need to make a choice, especially about relationships. It can also bring healthy closure. The full moon in Libra on Saturday the 31st puts an emphasis on fairness and power dynamics. It’s okay to feel extra emotional. (That’s what full Moons are for.) Don’t fall for pranks or fibs on Sunday the 1st, because it’s April Fool’s Day! Mercury and the Sun touch to amplify our words. After 4 p.m. the Moon enters Scorpio and makes a sexy formation with Venus. Monday the 2nd delivers a frustrating aspect where Mars (green light) meets Saturn (red light) in the sky, halting movement. This annoying stagnation may linger for a few days. Luckily it’s also a good day to meet people who will be important in our lives. The evening is fabulous for creativity too. The Moon is void from 9 a.m. to midnight on Tuesday the 3rd. Relax and unwind, because your mind won’t be in the zone to concentrate.