Pink Moon

Neptune and Pisces offer a tender full moon.

And none of you stand so tall

Pink moon gonna get ye all

—Nick Drake, “Pink Moon”

You might just weep at a car-insurance commercial this week, because Wednesday’s full Moon in Pisces is dripping with feelings that linger for days. Emotions can’t be contained and organized into neat compartments, as much as the Virgo Sun would prefer. Emotions are waves that overwhelm and overflow, flooding hearts and eyes. They shift like tides. While a Pisces full Moon alone would be enough to bring out our soft, vulnerable side (and tears)—this Moon is especially “watery,” as it touches Planet Neptune just before turning full. Representing dreams, psychic activity, fantasy, compassion, and even water itself, Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces. And Neptune is currently in the sign of Pisces too! This is an ultra-Pisces Pisces Moon.

However, amid this fuzzy Neptune-and-Pisces mist, Saturn the Reality Enforcer steps in to test our plans and preparations. On the same day of the full Moon—as if to prevent us from being swept away by gooey, romantic illusions—Saturn will check to see how hard we’ve been working (or not). You may find yourself saying, “I really want to do this fun thing, but commitments and limitations make it difficult!” This week, forward-moving Mercury ends its short stay in Leo and re-enters Virgo on the 9th, a shift that amplifies current Virgo themes of hard work, fine details, and gradual improvements (especially since Mars just entered Virgo on the 5th). Since Mercury is picking up speed—and loves to be in Virgo—cobwebs will start to fall away from our thoughts; communication will seem less rusty by the day. As Virgo season intensifies, our tasks become clearer, and we’re able to set new patterns and form new muscle memories. This week is big for beginnings and endings too. Thursday and Friday are best for starting things, while the weekend is good for closure and goodbyes.


With such abundant Pisces energy swirling around us, we’ll feel ripples of the world’s collective suffering and joy. And it can feel immense. Whenever Pisces and Neptune take over, boundaries blur and separateness becomes insignificant: What affects one affects all. Famous Pisces Kurt Cobain was a vocal supporter of feminism and queer rights, even though he himself identified as a heterosexual man. Why? He cared about other people’s suffering. Although spiritual Pisces is linked to caring and empathy, the sign also covers existential pain, soul-level sorrow, and even self-sabotage (the ways we get in our own way). These issues may rise to the surface near the full Moon. The good news is, Pisces acts like a cosmic bathtub drain that pulls away the grimy pain we’re ready to let go of.

This is a powerful full Moon for releasing old hurts, regrets, and unhealthy attachments. You can make your own full Moon ritual that incorporates water and intentional release. Even a bathtub or sink will do. If you have some sea salt, add it to the water and let it dissolve. Write down whatever qualities or issues you’re ready to release in black ink on white paper. Then on different pieces of paper, in bright ink (or even a highlighter), write down qualities you’d like to increase. Use water to destroy the “release” papers, but roll up the “increase” papers to save and revisit at the new Moon. Before you can be of service to others (Virgo), sometimes you have to rinse away harmful thoughts that aren’t helping you or anyone else. This full Moon in Pisces officially marks the end of eclipse season. It’s time to cleanse your wounds and begin anew.


A Pisces full Moon happens around 1 a.m. on Wednesday the 6th, setting a soft, fuzzy tone for the next few days. But by afternoon, Saturn clashes with the dreamy Moon like a jarring alarm clock that yanks us back to reality. Thursday the 7th is a fresh sheet of paper, ideal for beginning new things, thanks to an Aries Moon. Fresh starts can happen on Friday the 8th as well, though some power struggles may occur throughout the day. Saturday the 9th is action-packed! Mercury enters Virgo until Sept. 29. You might hear criticism that irks you, but you can also make major progress on an ongoing goal or project. It’s a good day to reflect and “digest” big emotions stirred up by the full Moon. People may feel snappy and grumpy on Sunday the 10th, yet you can channel frustrations by beautifying your environment or making physical changes (before the moon acts weird around 6 p.m.). On Monday the 11th you’ve got important choices to make. Breathe through any conflicts that arise and hang in there, because Tuesday the 12th presents great opportunities for healing relationship and money issues.