Personal Best

The Capricorn Sun helps us stick to resolutions and soak in the wisdom.

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” —Carrie Fisher

Planet Uranus recently turned direct (on the 2nd) and, with help from that supermoon in Cancer, peppered us with quick insights that de-fogged our glasses. These flashes of aha! will continue into the weekend. With Uranus freshly direct, many of us are itching to make bold breaks from the old and lunge toward what’s new, what’s next. However, the Capricorn Sun warns us to temper our urge to impulsively zip ahead mapless. Whereas Uranus is represented in Tarot by a card literally titled “The Fool,” careful Capricorn wants us to take sure, steady steps instead of foolish leaps of faith. This week’s aspects do require us to take some risks, though (or at least make consequential choices), after checking in with ourselves. Focus, dedication, and work ethic are well-known Capricorn traits. These qualities make Capricorn a fine sign with which to kick off a new calendar year. Tapping Capricorn’s discipline helps us stick to resolutions, be productive, and plod toward long-term goals. However—like every sign in the zodiac—there are not-so-great sides to Capricorn too.


Since the Sun, Pluto, and Venus (all in Cap.) will hold important meetings in the sky this week, it pays to be informed about Capricorn’s difficult characteristics. For instance: Capricorn is supremely competitive. If it’s possible to be the best at something, then Capricorn will settle for nothing less than first place. Capricorns want to rise above the competition while also beating their own personal best. Pushing yourself to improve surely has benefits, but constantly comparing your achievements with others’—or holding cliff-high expectations for yourself—is a recipe for frustration. Rejection (ie: not winning) is devastating to Capricorns; even losing a game of Connect Four can destroy their mood and shake their confidence.

People assume that Capricorns are naturally confident leaders. But the more accurate story is: They develop confidence gradually, over years, only after transcending their fear of looking foolish. Mature, respect-seeking Capricorn doesn’t want to be wrong. The sign finds embarrassment crushing. To prevent potential failure, Capricorns often avoid taking risks. But avoiding all risk stunts growth and leads to stagnancy. We can’t go from beginner to expert level without a little failure. Mistakes teach us a ton! So stay aware of these characteristics in yourself and others as Capricorn season thickens.


When two planets creep closer and closer until they finally share the same parking space in the sky, that’s called a conjunction. (The Sun and Moon are “conjunct” at each new Moon.) Conjunct planets blend their energies, trade information, and kick off new cycles for us. Well on the 6th and the 9th we’ll experience some meaningful conjunctions. On the 6th, Mars and Jupiter—both in Scorpio—form a conjunction that unrolls a new two-year “story” about money and personal power. This one prods us to transform. You might feel introspective, amped up, even obsessed near the 6th. Then on the 9th, the Sun has its annual conjunction with Pluto. On the same day the Sun also makes a conjunction with Venus, and Venus makes a conjunction with Pluto. Intense! Since the 9th’s activity all occurs in the sign of Capricorn, we’ll be encouraged to get serious about stabilizing our financial resources and relationships. This week’s conjunctions provide strong doses of self-knowledge, but not necessarily the words to express yourself. For now, just absorb their wisdom.


Wednesday the 3rd looks very positive, and a Leo Moon lets you flex your creative muscles. Venus and Neptune create a magical aspect with sparkly, romantic benefits that last a couple days. On Thursday the 4th emotional challenges can motivate you to take new kinds of actions. Be ready to jot down good ideas too. Friday the 5th is a day for making important choices that affect your future. Remain flexible and be willing to alter your original plan, even if you’re irritated by someone. Some projects will require closure, and that’s okay. Be ready for a breakthrough in thinking or communication on Saturday the 6th when Uranus, Mercury, and Chiron conspire to get you to take a new approach to healing. Mars and Jupiter will form their transformation-heavy conjunction in the afternoon. Sunday the 7th is a good day to nurture partnerships. You may hear positive news today. Monday the 8th has amazing, beneficial aspects that act as a fertile soil for any seeds you wish to plant. Reach out to important people today. On Tuesday the 9th give yourself time and space to reflect on the big lesson that today’s three conjunctions deliver. Venus and Mars also form a sensual aspect just as the Moon enters Scorpio.