Party’s Over. Capricorn’s Home!

The zodiac makes an abrupt shift this week, meaning it’s time to get down to business.

“I like to think we [Capricorns] see how boundaries offer constraints within which true creativity blooms.”

—Text message from a Capricorn

The wheel of the year creaks forward this week, heralding the Winter Solstice and the first day of Capricorn season—both on Wednesday the 21st. The optimistic, high-energy buzz of Sagittarius is fading fast, bringing us down to Earth where practical, disciplined Capricorn spurs us to get serious. It’s like hearing a strict parent’s car pull into the driveway: “Uh-oh. Mom’s home!”


No two consecutive zodiac signs are as dissimilar as Sagittarius and Capricorn. Fire-sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a jolly Santa Claus of a planet who wants to expand, explore, and hope for the best while tossing caution to the wind. Capricorn, on the other hand, is an Earth sign ruled by stern Saturn, a planet who would rather restrict, make firm plans, honor conventions, and set rigid boundaries. When two very different energies fill the sky as they do during this cusp week, we must decide how to work with the opposing influences: Clash or blend, break or bend? Let your focus and priorities adjust to the new view. Best-case scenario: We use this wintry mix of Fire and Earth to balance faith with reality. Daydreams and desires are great. But how are you going to achieve your goals? Capricorn wants to see a budget and a written game plan with a numbered list, on its desk by 5 p.m. sharp.

See, for the past four weeks we’ve been living in Sagittarius-world, where linear time feels like a vague philosophical concept and where enthusiasm, freedom, and adventure have more value than numbers in a bank account. But Capricorn is a stickler for time, plans, and commitments. The sign of the sea goat (the constellation Capricorn has the tail of a fish) places importance on material success and professional achievements. Cap wants to build sturdy structures that will support them (and possibly even their offspring) for years to come. As the sun glides through Capricorn Zone, we can all—regardless of our sign—bring attention to our physical and financial health. We can climb that rocky mountain of long-term success, step by solid step.


Whereas Sagittarius enjoys the journey and its unexpected lessons along the way, Capricorn is mostly interested in results and crossing items off to-do lists. One difficulty that arises with Capricorn season is feeling a strong aversion to risk. Cautious, competitive Capricorn would prefer to leave nothing to chance. A certain amount of hesitation is helpful, sure—yet try not to get so fixated on The Plan that you shut out possibilities because you fear potential complications or (gasp!) failure. Scrapping an entire project or relationship instead of working out the knots as they form will only keep you stuck. Knots are part of life, and most can be loosened, given enough time and tries.

No matter what goes on this week, the specifics of our story could look dramatically different next week when Uranus, planet of surprises, changes direction and delivers big plot change-ups. There’s also a new moon coming. Plus we’re currently inside the funhouse-mirror room of Mercury retrograde, where thoughts and words are a bit distorted. Nothing’s etched in stone now, so take comfort in the slow unfolding.


Shake off any misunderstandings or setbacks that occur Wednesday the 21st. On Thursday the 22nd try to make as much progress as you can before 11:30 a.m. (sorry, non-early-risers) and prepare yourself for a power struggle or two. From Friday the 23rd until Saturday the 24th the moon is in Scorpio, supporting passionate connections and deep truth-telling. Just be mindful not to intentionally push people’s buttons or snap cruelly.

After November’s explosive Thanksgiving Day astrology, I’m happy to report that this holiday weekend of the 24th and 25th (Hanukkah and Christmas) is a treasure chest of sparkling gems that shimmer with positive zodiac aspects. With Venus working extra magic on the 25th, we can expect fuzzy feelings of compassion and togetherness, and a ton of Christmas Day marriage proposals. (Yes, you can pop the question during a Mercury retrograde. Just avoid signing an actual marriage license until mid-January.) You’ll want to keep a pencil and paper handy on Monday the 26th (even place a notebook on your bedside table Sunday night) to jot down breakthrough ideas that strike like lightning that day. Tuesday the 27th looks really good, especially for love.