No Sudden Moves

Between two eclipses, we ponder our options.

Last week’s lunar eclipse in Leo urged us to get brave and release what needs to go. To use a (very Leo) theatrical metaphor: One play is over. End scene, curtain call, strike the set. Now you’re scrubbing away stage makeup that’s not really you, staring into your dressing room mirror, and wondering what’s next. Breathe and reflect. That Leo lunar eclipse is still flashing messages to show us what needs to end so we can shift into a better spot to fulfill our true purpose. Identity overhaul time! An eclipse isn’t a one-day event, but rather a month-long zone of weirdness and awareness. The salient point of your own eclipse story may not even appear until the first week of March. So if you’re watching friends grieve their departed pets and deal with drastic changes while your own daily life remains smooth, don’t sigh “phew!” just yet.

This week—squished between two eclipses—you’ll want to take an “easy does it” approach. Contemplate what might happen if you choose this or that, but hold off on actually doing anything big. Eclipse season can feel like that spooky patch of days near Halloween when the veil between the seen and unseen is thin, when our dream wisdom is strong and our intuition is loud. Look at “The Moon” card in a Tarot deck (or on the internet) to visualize this kind of transitional territory: It’s filled with fears and illusions—yet also accurate perceptions. Right now we’re tiptoeing through a foggy forest that contains both confusion and too-sharp clarity. We’re seeing a lot of truths about ourselves and our partnerships, and we may not like what we see. But until the solar eclipse occurs on the 15th, we’re not seeing everything. Maybe our problems are in tight focus while the solutions remain blurry. So continue to chew on sticky riddles, withstand emotional turbulence, and rest. It’s natural to feel vulnerable and exposed at this time. Just keep noticing.


Partnership upkeep and financial health are on the menu this week, partly due to the eclipse’s after-effects, and partly due to significant moves by Venus and Jupiter. Late last Saturday, Venus and Jupiter formed a challenging “square” angle that rattled our money-and-love life. (Hello, stock market plunge!) The pin of reality popped our optimism bubble, and we’re still recovering this week. Relationship-and-money tension continue until Saturday, the day Venus enters Pisces. Sweet relief! Venus adores visiting Pisces, the sign of its “exaltation.” While Venus was in Aquarius, love had a talkative, analytical quality. We prioritized independence and the freedom to fulfill individual needs: Close, but not too close. With Venus in Pisces, though, love wants to merge hearts and get real close, real fast. A Pisces Venus would rather put on a record and make out than discuss music. While Venus should sweeten up by Saturday, Jupiter is doing annoying things on Wednesday, Saturday, and Tuesday. And because Jupiter is in Scorpio, the planet will stir powerful, intense feelings. You’re getting to the bottom of deep psychological issues, but the digging may wear you out.


Wednesday the 7th is a tinderbox of heated arguments and clashes of opinion. Sometimes the things that make you the angriest reveal what you’re most passionate about. Don’t expect a resolution today, but do observe what specific gunk needs to be rinsed off your emotional engine. Jupiter is magnifying feelings and Venus is saying, “Use caution. Don’t push it.” Thursday the 8th demands a lot of energy. An action-packed Moon in Sagittarius gives you the fuel to accomplish much, yet Mars creates volatile moods. It’s hard to hide your true feelings today. On Friday the 9th, some limitation or authority figure may block you from getting exactly what you want. Try to blow off steam with friends in the evening and sweat out your frustration on a dance floor. Some people might decide to quit an unfulfilling arrangement. On Saturday the 10th Venus goes into Pisces until Mar. 6, increasing your desire to connect with others. Yet today the Sun and Jupiter form their yearly square, which tests your ability to step up your game and take care of business on a new level. Don’t overplan, overpromise, or overspend. Focus on imagination and creativity (even see a movie or concert) if you can. Sunday the 11th may feel serious and solemn in the morning, but should loosen up by evening when the Moon and Neptune form a positive aspect. Monday the 12th looks challenging all day and night. Trudge through, take breaks, and remember that the heavy pressure will pass. You may also encounter an explosive reaction or shocking twist in the evening. On Tuesday the 13th Mercury and Jupiter square off. Words may trigger emotions in an uncomfortable way. You could feel the urge to get your message out to a larger audience or to communicate in a better way. By evening the Sun and Uranus will form a positive angle.