New Sensation

Communication and partnerships change, and Mars enters Sagittarius.

“My nerves are turned on. I hear them like

musical instruments. Where there was silence

the drums, the strings are incurably playing.”

—Anne Sexton, “The Kiss”

The sky sizzles with anticipation this week as a lunar eclipse approaches. Brace for seismic shifts in partnerships and communication methods: Pluto, Uranus, and Mercury are all pushing us to change … now. Plus an asteroid named Juno will step in to alter the rules and operations of our unions—especially work relationships. This week’s adjustments aren’t minor tweaks; they are significant, inevitable evolutions. Eclipse season hastens our usual rate of change, so pace yourself. The current emotional build-up to next week’s eclipse seems even more intense than a regular full Moon, because the coming lunar eclipse is also a supermoon. Eek. Nothing feels breezy or mild right now. We’re ingesting extra-strength doses of truth (thanks, Pluto) and making consequential choices.

On Wednesday, Pluto and Mercury hold their annual meeting, a rare conjunction that demands we evaluate and transform the ways that we communicate. Since both planets are in Capricorn, words could be terse—yet also exact and true. Concepts like power and powerlessness are at play on Wednesday as well. Planet Mars is gearing up to change signs (always a tense time) and will arrive in Sagittarius early Friday morning. Mars in Scorpio was intense, secretive, and determined to dig to the bottom of psychological matters. However, Mars in the adventurous Fire sign of Sagittarius is independent and eager to bust out of everyday routines via travel and experiential learning. Mars’ sign shift this week may stir painful relationship memories and make vintage wounds sting. But you are not your old partnerships. Acknowledge what past conflicts have taught you, then move forward. No better time than Aquarius season to leave the past in the dust and zoom toward the future.


Although the lunar eclipse occurs next Wednesday (in Leo), this week’s astrology touches the very points in space where that eclipse will take place. These points are called Lunar Nodes. If the Sun and Moon were actors in a play, the Nodes would be the masking tape affixed to the stage to help the actors hit their mark. This week an asteroid named Juno will sit on the South Node, a potent place of release. Because Juno pertains to partnerships, any outgrown unions—or unhelpful ways of relating—will dramatically change. Situations that no longer support our growth will dissolve to make room for opportunities more aligned with what we’re really meant to do. The upcoming eclipse also makes us revisit issues we confronted last year around the time of the Great America Eclipse (who could forget it?) of August 21. Eclipses are linked like that. Our Aquarius Sun further intensifies the electric sparks swirling in this pre-eclipse sky. After all, Aquarius rules the nervous and circulatory systems (the electricity of the body). So we may notice a quickening of mental activity and have difficulty quieting our minds. All the more reason to intentionally carve out time for rest, silence, and gentle activities that ground the body and calm our rapid thoughts.


On Wednesday the 24th expect to exchange important words when Mercury and Pluto meet up to transform a power-and-communication issue. Strong reactions and undeniable truths are everywhere. If your original plan hits a snag, embrace change. Thursday the 25th has creative (even fertile) aspects that encourage forward movement, thanks in part to a Taurus Moon. But take care of important tasks and choices before 7 p.m. On Friday the 26th Mars moves into Sagittarius until mid-March. If you want to part ways or shed old relationship dust, today’s a good day for that. New projects await, but first: Release. On Saturday the 27th Uranus forms two positive aspects and one challenging one, to say: You’re going to do things differently. You have to. It’s a good day for making and doing. Meet up with friends if you can! But be cautious with mind-altering substances today; you may accidentally overindulge. Sunday the 28th wants us to clear the air with words and feel—rather than avoid—our thickening emotions. Monday the 29th presents mostly challenging aspects. The Moon staring down Pluto could feel difficult and serious, and a Cancer Moon brings out big moods. Tuesday the 30th might start off choppy but should get easier once the Moon enters Leo around 11 a.m. The lunar eclipse is only a day away! And, finally, a correction: In last week’s You Can Planet section I erroneously wrote “Venus moves into Capricorn” on the 17th, but I meant Aquarius. Sorry!