Necessary Darkness

Neptune and a Taurus full Moon want us to connect.

We’re holding hands

In the dark

We’re looking up

Into the stars

—The Dutchess & The Duke, “Scorpio”

The dreamy Halloween fog that Neptune cast over last week is lingering as we begin this one. That means it’s still prime time for psychic activity, insightful dreams, and even divinatory practices (Tarot, runes) that peek at the future. Neptune’s influence is creative and mystical, but can also make the way forward seem hazy. Uncertainty about what’s real and what’s illusion should clear up after a beautiful full Moon in Taurus on the 3rd. Friday’s positive, romantic full Moon will help us decide who to pair up with—not just in the context of cuddly-kissy relationships, but business partnerships and bandmates too. An ongoing challenge of Scorpio season is the fluctuating desire to have both total seclusion and deep intimacy. Sometimes Scorpio assumes the worst about people or situations and says, “Why bother?”; other times Scorpio says, “Death is coming, so let’s go!” and plunges into intimacy. Protection versus connection. This week’s full Moon wants us to connect.

Two personal planets are also changing signs this week. Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th; then Venus arrives in Scorpio on the 7th. Both planets are in their “detriment” in these signs. This means they’re not comfortable with their placement and don’t function well. When Mercury is in Sagittarius details get blurry or exaggerated. And Venus-in-Scorpio is a bit quick to react instead of respond. Watch out for those tendencies.


Of all the signs in the zodiac, it seems Scorpio gets the worst rap (Gemini is a close second). People assign to Scorpio traits like jealousy, cruelty, lust, and revenge. When we don’t want to acknowledge “undesirable” traits in ourselves, we project those attributes onto others. But the zodiac is just an expression of the full range of the human experience, which includes the capacity for rage, sexuality, grief, grudges—and so much more! When the Sun hits Scorpio’s spoke in the wheel of the year, Scorpio themes come up for everyone. And because Jupiter is in Scorpio all year, the collective mood might feel like year-round Halloween. So get used to this Scorpio energy. We’re all digging up secrets we didn’t realize we’ve buried, and watching as others reveal their own raw discoveries. How you use the time is up to you.

I’m not a fan of astrology that paints “the dark” as negative or suggests that our internal shadows are to be feared and avoided. Darkness gives us a much-needed opportunity for introspection, stillness, and the privacy we need to get to the root of emotional issues and process complex feelings. Longer nights provide that necessary darkness, as does the “darkness” of Scorpio season. Like a sensory-deprivation float tank, in the quiet of dark water, you can’t distract yourself with news feeds. You just have to absorb. Scorpio season is a chance to turn inward and reflect on thorny subjects and wounds we carry. Friday’s full Moon is wonderful for healing those old wounds. It reminds us that we’re worthy of love and positive transformation.


Wounding words are in the air on Wednesday the 1st, but so are opportunities to identify old hurts in order to improve. You might need to listen to someone’s advice even if the reality stings. Whatever comes up today and tomorrow is related to the healing that can happen at Friday’s full Moon. Sharp words continue into Thursday the 2nd, but an Aries Moon supports new beginnings and fresh goals. Friday the 3rd brings a lovely full Moon in Taurus. Neptune delivers peak dreaminess and romance, while Venus invites us to collaborate with others. Expect emotional release and transformation. Plan a date night or see friends if you wish, but be ready for a sudden aha! realization or shock around 10 p.m. It could be a minor hiccup or a pleasant surprise. (You never know with Uranus.) The morning of Saturday the 4th looks choppy, but those rough waters should smooth and improve after lunchtime. Remember to set your clocks back one hour on Saturday night, because Standard time resumes at 2 a.m. on Sunday the 5th. Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday too. You’ll want to clarify and revise future plans, and possibly commit to something as well. A Gemini Moon and helpful Uranus aspects make Monday the 6th a good day for making choices and communicating or thinking in a new way. Tuesday the 7th is Election Day! Venus moves into Scorpio until December 1, and a Cancer Moon inspires tenderness—even nostalgia. Spend time at home or with your family if possible. You can also make great strides in partnership or money matters today.