Love or Confusion

There’s a new Moon in Gemini, yet Neptune’s clouds linger.

“My mind is so messed up

Going round and round

Must there be all these colors

Without names, without sound.”

—Jimi Hendrix

A clear new Moon in Gemini opens the week, but Neptune stays in the spotlight, bringing murky details and flimsy commitments. Speaking of murky details, I’m sorry to say I recently gave you an incorrect date for Neptune’s retrograde! It starts on the 18th, not the 13th! Oceanic planet Neptune draped its fog over us last week with all those squares, and as it slows to reverse mode this week, we’ll continue to confront illusions and fantasies. Consider all the public, collective grief we witnessed last week. Under Neptune’s influence, we want to dive in and alleviate others’ suffering, to connect deeply. Yet we also want to tune out and escape. “Life is beautiful and painful,” says Neptune. We’re releasing emotions at a humbling rate, partly due to Neptune and partly due to longer-term movements by Mars and Uranus. This summer’s sky will keep motivating you to clean your mental basement and determine what’s holding you back. July’s eclipses should assist that process too.

With Mercury on an out-of-bounds flight path, people seem convinced that their viewpoint is the only correct one. Last week, social media screens simmered with strong opinions and conflicting advice: “This is how you should reach out to people in a crisis” was countered with “No, that’s terrible advice. Reach out like this instead!” No better time than Gemini season to acknowledge that some issues are tricky knots that require creative solutions, not simple answers. On the 13th, Venus enters loud-and-proud Leo, where love is expressed through actions and grand gestures. However, on the 14th, Venus squares Uranus. Hold off on bold romantic declarations or drastic changes to your appearance that day. Then on the 15th, Mercury will stare down Saturn. You may feel judged harshly on the 15th, even the 16th. From Thursday to Friday, outdated partnerships and goals have a way of dissolving. Let them. The love eventually returns (and with gusto on Tuesday), but before that: Confusion.

Beyond the Binary

Let’s clear up a rumor about Air signs such as Gemini: Air signs are not airheaded. In fact, they’re often sharp thinkers, astute analyzers, and clever communicators. So at Wednesday’s Gemini new Moon, mental powers will be strong—despite Neptune’s haze. Because it’s a Supermoon, fresh starts are ultra potent too, lasting a few days past Wednesday. In addition to Gemini’s talent for careful examination, the sign also has the ability to see beyond the binary. When presented with either/or, Gemini chooses more! Gemini isn’t tragically “split” or indecisive. Rather, it embodies wholeness, with masculine and feminine energies balanced. Even the symbol for Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, is a visual combination of the male and female symbols. It’s gender fluid. Like Mercury—a speedy planet that breezes through new signs and changes directions often—Gemini is quick to adjust and readjust. Adaptability is Gemini’s superpower. Such versatility might freak out folks who crave predictable constants. But so what? Fluctuation is more fun.

You Can Planet

There’s a new Moon in Gemini in the early afternoon of Wednesday the 13th. Shortly after, Venus enters into Leo. In addition, Vesta (an asteroid related to health, purpose, and goals) enters Sagittarius. Vesta in Sagittarius encourages us to tell—and hear—the truth in order to get clear on how we should proceed. On Thursday the 14th, avoid romantic surprises, major changes in appearance, and loud declarations of love. Today and Friday aren’t good date nights either; schedule one for Saturday instead. Because Venus squares Uranus in the evening, big reveals aren’t likely to go well. Watch your spending too. Venus also clashes with Neptune, prompting disappointment and the need to retool a plan. Arguments and parting ways are likely. On Friday the 15th, you can observe patterns clearly. The early afternoon offers healing potential when Venus trines Chiron. However, by evening Mercury will oppose Saturn, adding “get real” pressure and reducing fun. Expect conversations about uncomfortable realities. Don’t post that long screed; don’t send that mean email. The Moon is void most of the day too. By Saturday the 16th, things are looking up! You’ll feel inspired to take creativity seriously. The Leo Moon boosts optimism as well. Sunday the 17th sets the stage for a positive Father’s Day. The Sun and Moon form a supportive angle that allows you to make progress if you put in a little effort. On Monday the 18th, Neptune goes retrograde (really, truly). Be mindful of water damage and addiction issues. If you can, make time for a musical or artistic activity. It’s easy to verbalize your feelings. On Tuesday the 19th, enthusiasm is running high. Just make sure you don’t overcommit or overspend. Venus conjuncts the North Node, which is good for love or money. Communication can make an extra-powerful impact, so choose your words with care.