Interdependence Day

At the tail end of Scorpio, a little advice for those on the brink.

“If you make a mistake, don’t get angry about it. Look at your mistake … It’s not a failure if you learn from it.” —Bob Ross, Scorpio

“I need help” is one of the most humbling sentences a human can utter. The Ego tells us we can do it all alone, thanks. Constant cultural messages of rugged individualism tell us that relying on others is a weakness. But the raw wisdom of Scorpio cracks apart our perfectly put-together mask to reveal divine vulnerability. We glow with openness when we admit we need assistance.

Reaching the point where we ask for help, though, can take a journey through a painful underworld of mistakes, scorched relationships, lost jobs, and close calls. This underworld is a private, internal zone governed by planet Pluto as well as Scorpio, the sign ruling our skies until Nov. 20. Many folks feel pushed to a breaking point this time of year. They collapse sobbing on the kitchen floor when Scorpio’s honesty and clarity lead them to realize they can no longer stuff down ugly truths and smile through hurt. Whether you’re crawling through the Scorpionic swamps of addiction, abuse, secrets, self-harm, or psychological issues, to save yourself requires other people. Interdependence is not a dirty word.


But why do we let things get so bad? The answer may be in an often-overlooked theme of Scorpio season: shame. Shame is a crooked landlord who threatens to evict you if you complain about mold in your ceiling, tells you that you don’t deserve better. But you do deserve better. There are plenty of tenants’ unions you can join to confront shame with backup, but first you must decide you want to do more than merely survive in isolation—you want to live.

No matter how awful the texture of your personal rock-bottom, finally declaring that you can’t carry the heavy load by yourself is true empowerment. Pluto (and by extension, Scorpio) rules the Tarot card Judgement, which invites you to forgive your past self for the messes, embarrassment, and unfortunate choices that led you to your crossroads of understanding. Judgment asks us to believe that we (as well as others) are redeemable and capable of lasting transformation.


In addition to shame, anger is another issue igniting the skies lately. The tenor of the presidential election likely owes much to the movements in our solar system. Mars, the planet in charge of rage and ire, is related to—you guessed it—Scorpio. From Aug. 8 until Oct. 30, Mars was traveling in an odd orbit called “out of bounds,” making us all extra-reactive and madder than usual. Well, Mars is back in line now, yet we are still digesting sour lessons about how we express frustration and anger, still coming down from hot-headed heart rates and volatile explosions. Late on election night, though, Mars rolled into a new sign: Aquarius.

Mars is one of three important “personal” planets switching signs this week. Though these change-ups may initially cause bumps and even rudeness, the shake-up of energy will eventually give us new approaches to handling the problems we’ve uncovered in the Scorpio underworld. On Friday the 11th, Venus scoots into Capricorn, making us prioritize stability in our relationships and take long-term, mature approaches to partnership. On Saturday the 12th, Mercury, the planet that colors our communication, moves out of pessimistic, biting Scorpio and into Sagittarius, a sign that’s more optimistic yet not so great with details. Touchy conversations should go more smoothly after Saturday.

On Tuesday the 14th a super-bright full supermoon in Taurus creates a healthy opportunity to stay grounded in the body. As an Earth sign, Taurus is concerned with the five sense and tangible aspects of life: lovingly prepared food, delicious drinks, and a beautiful table setting complete with flowers and candles. With all the emotional dragon-slaying we’ve been doing during Scorpio’s watery floods of feeling, this full moon offers us a chance to breathe deeply and consider our physical health too. Observe the progress you’ve made since setting your new moon intentions back on Oct. 30. Is it time to make that therapy appointment or perhaps give that group meeting a try? Rest, feast, and be grateful that no matter how bleak things have gotten: You’re still here.